It's What You Do to Me (12)

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I felt like a complete idiot for spilling everything to Seth like that. Sure, he was my best friend, but… I wasn’t going to tell anyone. The fact that I had let it slip so easily also scared me. I didn’t want to accidentally tell River everything that had happened…

Marnie knew about Jay, but there wasn’t anything I could do about that since she had only overheard. I didn’t tell her, and if she hadn’t overheard she wouldn’t have even known. But now Seth knew everything that I wasn’t telling River. If he accidently let it slip and told River… he would be angry. And I didn’t want River to be angry.

“Are you ready to go?” the aforementioned boy asked me after knocking on my door three times. He didn’t even have to knock since he walked right in anyway. “The limo’s outside.”

I had to wrinkle my nose at this. “A limo?” I asked, crossing my arms over my chest as I stared at him unsurely. “I don’t want anything fancy. It’s just Thanksgiving. And we’re visiting your family, not the Queen of England. Even though it would be easier…”

River rolled his eyes and chuckled at my comment. “I know,” he agreed. “But it’s my parents’ orders.”

I heaved a long sigh, dropping my arms before grabbing my bag with one hand and his hand with my other. Since we lived only two hours away from his parents, we wouldn’t have had to stay the night, but Julie and Tanner were so I agreed to almost immediately. Since it was only one night, I really didn’t need that much at all. It wasn’t even necessary that we spent the night. I just hadn’t seen my best friend in so long, and I had really missed her.

River and I made our way out of the school and toward the parking lot, hand-in-hand. I thought that we were safe from being interrupted until I heard the shrill voice I was unfortunately coming to know.

“River! Delilah!”

Seriously? I really thought she was following our every move. Almost every time I left my dorm, Kendra would be there like an annoying gnat that wouldn’t stop buzzing around your ear. It was kind of scary how she always managed to find us, but I was used to it. I had been followed for three years straight.

“Hi,” I greeted through clenched teeth, though Kendra didn’t even notice. She just kept flashing me that oh-so-innocent smile of hers that I continued to believe wasn’t so innocent. Kendra Harris definitely wasn’t someone I wanted to deal with right before I had to face the man who made River’s childhood miserable and almost hit me the last time I had seen him.

Oh, don’t forget about how he called you a slut, I couldn’t help but remind myself wryly.

What a wonderful father-in-law I was getting.

“Where are you two lovebirds going?” she giggled, though it pretty much disgusted me. Her giggle was just so annoying… and the way she called us lovebirds just didn’t seem right. “You two have a hot date or something?”

I was very tempted to tell her yes, we did have a hot date. I wanted to tell her to beat it so River and I could go do it in the back of the limo, even though that wasn’t what we were going to do. But I wanted to see what her reaction would be. If she was actually over River, she would have just giggled and pushed us along. But if she wasn’t, she’d probably start crying…

I wasn’t going to risk it. I didn’t want to feel bad for making someone cry right before she left to see River’s parents, even if that person was Kendra.

“No, just visiting my parents for Thanksgiving,” River answered her politely, but I could tell by the way he was squeezing my hand that he wanted to get away from her just as much as I did. “My parents really wanted to see us again.”

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