It's What You Do to Me (27)

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                My dearest Delilah,

It’s so strange, what with you and River being back together and everything. But if I have things go my way, and I’m intended on it happening, everything will be even better than it is now.

                                                                                         It’s What You Do to Me, Delilah


I glowered down at the note I held in my hand, not knowing what else I was supposed to do. I was way too used to getting notes like this, and I seemed to be more angry than scared. I just couldn’t wait until all this ridiculous crap passed and I was finally just left alone.

Walking through the hallways by myself to River’s dorm room, I clutched the note tight into my fist. Since River knew now, I knew that he was expecting me to tell him whenever I got a note. Since I couldn’t tell Seth anymore… I hadn’t even spoken to him since what happened when River got his memory back, and that had been weeks before.

“It’s been a while since we talked,” a voice said from behind me as I passed by Headmistress Pease’s office, and I jumped in surprise at the sound of it. I let out a long sigh when I saw that it was only Gabe, and I then remembered that he was supposed to be coming to visit me that day.

“Yeah, well… I’ve been kind of busy,” I sighed, rubbing at my eyes after I shoved the stupid note into my back pocket. “River got his memory back and we’re back together now. But Seth…”

“You’re back together?” Gabe asked before I could finish, his eyes going wide as we stood in the main hall of the school. “How did you manage to do it so quickly?”

“I wouldn’t say it was that quick,” I grumbled, crossing my arms over my chest and cocking out my hip. “It took months to get his memory back. Five months, to be exact.”

“And Seth?” Gabe inquired now, an eyebrow rising on his forehead. “I take that you guys broke up then.”

I rolled my eyes. “Yeah, you could say that we did… If we were even going out in the first place.”

“Are you alright?” he asked again, taking a step closer to me now. I took a half step away, and I hoped that he didn’t notice. “You’re really stiff.”

“Have you been sending me notes again?” I blurted, quickly biting my lip after I had done so. Why did I just ask him that? Of course it wasn’t Gabe! Gabe was… Gabe! Yeah, he sent me all those fake notes before, but that was before he was my friend and when Arianna was paying him to do it.

“What are you talking about?” he asked, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion. “Why would you think I’m sending you notes again?”

Because I’m paranoid, I wanted to tell him, but I didn’t dare do so. I knew that it wasn’t Gabe who was sending me notes, but I just had to make sure. I was starting to get seriously freaked out now. Who would keep a prank on for this long? Gabe kept it on for a while, but only because Arianna kept on bugging him…

“Um, I guess I just found one of the old notes you sent me lying around,” I rambled on quickly, trying my best to come up with an excuse. “I guess it fell out of the box with all the other old notes.”

Gabe’s eyes widened in shock. “You kept them?

Ah, crap.

There goes not telling anybody that.

“Um… yeah?” I answered, but it sounded a lot more like a question than an answer. “But don’t tell anyone, alright? I don’t want anyone knowing.”

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