It's What You Do to Me (18)

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“You girls are going to be late for class.”

At the sound of this voice, Alice and I both jumped. We whipped around, expecting to see an angry teacher or Headmistress Pease, but the person that was really standing there was the last person we were expecting.

“Don’t you need to be in class?” Alice demanded, her arms crossing over her chest as she glared at the boy who stood before us. “Just because you’re famous doesn’t mean that you can get out of everything.”

“You forgot handsome and rich,” Jay smirked smugly, pulling at the collar of his jacket. “And yes, that is what it means.”

I rolled my eyes as Alice continued to glare at him. Jay then looked over at me to see the very questionable position that I was in. “Did you get in a fight or something?”

“Something like that,” I grumbled, standing up and brushing myself off. I didn’t know how he’d react if he found out I just pummeled his sister. Even though it was obvious that they weren’t really close, I’d still get angry if someone had beat up Jake. Even if we were in a fight right now…

Just the thought of Jake and Arianna together made a shiver shoot up my spine, which I definitely didn’t need at that moment. I quickly shook my head and tried my best to forget about problems that I didn’t have to deal with right then. I could deal with them later.

“Really now?” Jay asked, looking rather impressed. “I never would have thought Delilah Shafer actually got into a fight.”

“Well, believe it,” Alice snapped. “Because it was with your sister.”

Way to go, Alice… Way to go…

Jay’s eyes went wide for a moment, but quickly went away when they were replaced with a smirk. “Really?” he asked. “You finally snapped and beat up my sister?”

“She deserved it,” I spat, not even meaning to. But just thinking about Kendra made my blood boil. Just seeing my ring on her finger made me want to rip all of her hair out…

“What did she do to deserve it?” Jay asked, shoving his hands into his pockets. “I could think of a few things, but I’d like to hear the actual reason from you.”

“You know she’s apparently engaged to River,” I glowered, crossing my arms over my chest tightly now. “She stole him from me because she was there when he woke up with amnesia. Your bitchy sister is a slutty tramp who needs to keep her hands off other girls’ fiancés.”

Jay blinked, obviously not expecting this to come out of my mouth. Before he could say anything, Alice beat him to it. “Wait… Didn’t she like Gabe for a while? He was actually afraid to come here for a while because she’d always tackle him or something.”

“She was faking,” Jay informed us before I could say anything, causing both Alice and I to turn toward him in confusion.  He rolled his eyes, obviously thinking we were the two slowest people on the planet. “She was pretending to like Gabe so you guys wouldn’t suspect anything. She just wanted you guys to think she was over River. Honestly, she’s been trying to come up with a plan to get River back ever since she got here. Opportunity just came knocking on her door this time, I guess.”

“That stupid whore!” Alice and I shouted in unison, not even caring if it was her brother that was standing before us. “Who does she think she is?”

“You guys are really good at that,” Jay blinked, as if he hadn’t ever heard people talk at the same time or something. “You two sure you weren’t separated at birth?”

Rolling my eyes, I turned away from him and started away, grabbing onto Alice’s arm and pulling her with me. “We have to get to class,” I told Jay, not even looking back at him. “Bye.”

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