It's What You Do to Me (29)

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I never used to believe that pure evil ever existed. Sure, there were bad people who did horrible things, but I never believed that there was anyone on the planet that could really be evil.

But that was before I had met Mr. Higginson and Kendra.

She smiled wickedly at me, just like she had been doing for the past few weeks, and I wanted to hit her so badly that my fists hurt. But as she stood before me, the identical twins on either side of her, she looked way too menacing to mess with.

“Good job, Keith,” Mr. Higginson smiled at his brother. “You kept her here and she didn’t run off.”

“I never intending on keeping her here for you,” Keith growled, his eyebrows furrowing as he narrowed his eyes. “I was telling her about what you’ve been doing in the last year. I can’t even believe that she believed me since it’s so crazy…”

Mr. Higginson shrugged, uncaring as always. “No difference to me, really. As long as she’s here, I don’t really care what had to happen to make it happen.”

All I could do was freeze. That voice was too familiar to me, and it made me cringe. I never thought that I’d ever have to hear that voice ever again, but now I knew I was wrong.


My eyes widened and I quickly looked down at Alice, who was now coming to. Now she decided to wake up? Couldn’t she just wait until Mr. Higginson kidnapped me or something? Now she was in even more danger and it was all my fault!

Before I even knew it, Alice was unconscious on the ground once again. I thought that she had seen the two Mr. Higginsons and had passed out from shock again, but that was definitely not it. Mr. Higginson now stood over her, his hand wrapped around a crowbar, just like what he had used the last time I had seen him.

“Leave her alone!” I cried when he raised the crowbar again. “She didn’t do anything! Leave her alone!”

Mr. Higginson looked over to me but didn’t drop his arm. “This is your ex-boyfriend’s cousin, isn’t it?” he asked, that creepy grin of his on his face. “I know her dad. Nice fella, he is. We were cellmates for the few days I spent in jail. He told me all about her and your little ex-boyfriend Avery…”

My eyes widened. Alice’s abusive father was cellmates with Mr. Higginson? And he had only been in jail for a few days… Keith was in his place the entire time? That meant I’d been going off doing whatever for the past year and Mr. Higginson was practically watching everything!

Mr. Higginson raised his arm above his head to strike her again, but I wasn’t about to let that happen. I jumped forward, clutching onto Mr. Higginson’s wrist before he could bring it down to hit Alice again. I was now standing in front of him, too close to him, and I had to hold my breath.

I hadn’t ever touched him before. He had touched me, sure, but I hadn’t ever been the one that caused the contact, except for the time that I had hit him, but that was completely different. Now he was smirking down at me, dropping the crowbar onto the ground and using his other arm to wrap around my waist and bring me closer to him.

“Let go of me!” I shouted, pounding on his chest as hard as I possibly could. “Let go of me, let go of me!”

“John, let the girl go!” I heard Keith shout to his brother from behind, but Mr. Higginson didn’t listen. With every hit I gave him, the tighter he held me. I almost completely forgot that Kendra was even there as Keith continued. “John, stop it!”

“River’s inside the church,” I threatened, struggling now instead of hitting. “River’s right inside, and if I don’t go back inside soon he’s going to know something’s up!”

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