It's What You Do to Me (20)

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“Remember that I’m not doing this to because I like you or anything.”

“Yeah, Bekka. That’s the fifth time you’ve told me that.”

“I just want you to know! There's no way that we're anywhere near being friends!"

I rolled my eyes, kind of regretting the choice I had made. Couldn’t I just bash River over the head with a book again and hope to get his memory back? Bekka was a huge annoying handful… Why the hell did Avery even go out with her? The better question was why did River even go out with her? I just didn't get it. She was just so overbearing and mean.

I really hoped that Bekka was able to trigger something in River’s mind to make his memory come back, because if it didn’t work and I had brought Bekka all the way to Arkwright for nothing, I’d hate Kendra even more. If that was even possible…

No, it wasn't possible. I didn't even think I hated Mr. Higginson more than I hated Kendra. Well... that was a definite maybe. It was really hard to hate someone more than Mr. Higginson.

I did not want to spend any unnecessary time with Bekka. Even if she was helping me out with this, like she had said, we weren’t friends. And I highly doubted that we would ever be able to become friends, especially after everything we had done and said to each other. It just wasn't possible.

"So tell me the story again, just to make sure I understand," Bekka ordered, causing me to roll my eyes at her. I highly doubted she was even listening when I explained it the first time...

"River has amnesia and an old friend of His told him that she was his fiancée," I explained with a heavy sigh, my heart almost breaking all over again as I thought of it. "And I need you to act toward River like you did in middle school. Before and after you two went out."

"Why don't I just tell him you're his fiancée?" she asked flatly, and I thought about it for a moment. Why didn't I just have her do that? Wouldn't it be easier...?

Wait, no it wouldn't have been easier. River probably would have thought that I just picked a crazy chick of the street to pretend and tell him I was his fiancée. Having her act the same way she had in middle school toward him was probably the best idea.

"Because he won't believe you," I answered her simply, not even glancing at her as we entered Arkwright.

"So who is this crazy chick thy stole him from you?" Bekka inquired as we walked through the halls toward River's dorm. "I have to give her props; she came up with a pretty smart plan."

I turned my head to glare at her, but she only smirked at me. I knew thy there was no possible way that we would ever be friends...

“Her name’s Kendra Harris,” I shrugged, trying not to spit out her name like it was poison against my tongue.

Bekka’s eyes went wide as she continued to stare at me as we continued to walk. Had she heard of Kendra before? Why was she looking at me like that? I hadn’t ever seen Bekka Stewart look that way before…

“Kendra Harris?” she repeated, as if she didn’t believe me. I could barely nod before she cut me off and continued with, “Jay Harris’s sister?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“That ugly fame sucking leach?”

Maybe Bekka and I could really be friends after all.

“I don’t know about fame sucking, but ugly and leach are pretty good words to describe her…” I grumbled, not really knowing what else I was supposed to say. I did agree with Bekka, completely and totally one hundred percent I agreed with her, but I agreed with her so much that I didn’t have very much else to say…

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