The Truth

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"12!?", the class shouted.

Marinette smirked at their shocked faces. For four years they orchestrated her, called her names,  spread lies about her and much more, just cause Lila told them. Now karma was gonna bite them back. A part of her felt bad for her classmates as they were manipulated by that italian snake, but she shook that aside. Lila may have started it, by ultimately the class made their choice to believe if. Its not as if Lila held a gun at their head while they shoved her, or spread nasty rumors that she stole her designs from Lila's "friend", whom the latter had introduced to try and befriend the bluenette. 

"Silence!", the judge's voice boomed through the court room.

"I'd like to bring in my first witness, Nino Lahiffe", the prosecutor continued. 

One by one, Nino, Chloe, Alix and Kim testified all Lila Rossi had said and done. It took all that Lila had to not jump out at the four. She watched and listened as the wannabe DJ told the court about how she had lied in order to take Marinette's place. How Marinette was expelled based on poor, easy to fake evidence and, the word of Lila. How nothing was done to listen to the bluenette's side of the story. Lila listened as Alix and Kim testified that she hd lied about her injuries and disabilities, leading the class to pity her and do her work for her, including entire graded assignments. She almost broke something when Chloe exposed her lies from the ladyblog. Her lies about meeting several celebrities. Her lies about doing charity work. Her lies that made her look like a saint. Finally it was Marinette's turn. 

"When Lila first came to the school, she first told the class of her amazing accomplishments. When you first hear them, they seem farfetched, but with people who already have connections in our class and done some spectacular things. Like having a famous model", she starting listing, refusing to say Adrien's name, "Chloe, the mayor's daughter frequently met celebrities like Prince Ali, and Jagged Stone. Even I have met Jagged Stone, and after having designed for him he gave me the title of honorary niece. It sounds unbelievable but if you use google", she said that part louder, "you can find evidence of what I'm saying. Unfortunately, these people failed do that".

"And how does this connect with you being a frequent target of Ms Rossi's lies?", the judge asked.

"Well, since I was the only one not to believe them, she threatened to take all my friends away and make my life miserable. I personally knew retired french hero Ladybug, which was how I was able to get Alya an interview with her", Marinette smirked, looking directly at her ex-bestie. "I knew Ladybug never met a Lila Rossi, and also was worried that by claiming she was best friend with the hero, she might be targetted, but she only saw me as a threat. So she started attacking me, by framing me as a cheater and thief, as you have already heard about my explusion". 

"I see", the judge noted.

"She's really did steal from me! She was just jealous that her friends were starting to like me more than her, and she even pushed me down the stairs", Lila sobbed.

"Ms Rossi! This is your last and final warning. This is a court! Any more words from you, unless you are on the witness stand, I will have you charged with contempt of court", the judge warned. 

That shut Lila up. Even she could tell the jugde was fed up with her, and would send her to prison if she continued to interrupt. 

"Thank you Ms Marinette", the prosecutor smiled before calling Jason.

"State you name for the court", the judge stated.

"Jason Todd-Wayne", he simply responded.

"Mr Todd-Wayne, what is your connection to Lila Rossi?", the prosecutor began.

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