Building the Case

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"OMG!! I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!", Chloe shrieked.

"With everything happening, I almost forgot he hadn't asked me yet", I sighed.

"Well, now your officially a couple", Kim exclaimed.

"So when are Nino and Chloe getting together?", Alix asked slyly.

Both Nino and Chloe started blushing and looked away.

"Guys!", Jason called out.


"Tim put everything together. We got all the evidence sorted out. We need you guys to check everything so we don't present anything untrue in court", Jason explained.

The 5 joined the rest of the Wayne family in the living room, as they went over every single pice of evidence.

"Do we really have to bring up Talia Al Ghul?", Damian asked.  

"We won't bring her up", Dick replied.

"We can't risk our secret identities. But since officailly you weren't my son until you were 11, we can prove that Miss Rossi didn't know your mother", Bruce informed.

"Just that one point disproves every lie she made about the Wayne family", Nino pointed out.

"Yeah, if she didn't know Damian in her childhood, then the rest of her lies don't add up", Alix concluded.

"Especially the sexual assault one", Marinette added.

"Almost forgot about that one", Jason chimed in.

"Still can believe she said that she helped take down the Joker and his goons", Tim rolled his eyes.

"Like that's the worst lie", Damian scoffed.

"What about the one where she said Batman almost chose her as a sidekick, but she couldn't because her tinnitus would prevent her from getting to close to fights?", Dick asked. 

"The court can check with Ms Rossi that her "medical disabilities" are fake", Marinette piped in. 

"What about Agreste?", Selina asked, "The main reason we are going to court is because they are trying to sue Jason".

"Since Adrien is siding with Lila, his credibility is low", Chloe told everyone.

"And we got some footage from the hotel security cameras", Kim added.

"It clearly shows that Adrien attacked first", Tim played the video.

"I still can't believe he tried to do that", Jason growled.

"I just got off the phone with the laywer. We will be sueing the liar and the class. As you know, the hearing is in 3 days", Bruced started, "So we have to be well prepared. We can't afford to make any mistakes".

"Oh I think we are beyond well prepared", Marinette smirked.

Before them, lay heaps of evidence. Phone recordings, photos, ladyblog posts. That liar was going down. 

Alya's P.O.V (This takes place a few days before)

Ugh! First that attention seeker goes and finds another boy just to make Adrien jealous. Then gets him to punch Adrien, and is now sueing Lila!? Why does Marinette have to hate Lila that much? Why can't Marinette just stop being so jealous?

"You will present in court in one week. It has been requested by the prosecution that this take place along with the case of Adrien Agreste and Jason Todd", the guy in the suit said.

"They can't do that!", I yelled.

"Actually Ms, they can. As long as they have the sufficient evidence in court, they can pursue this case", the man said before leaving.

"I can't believe Marinette is trying to sue me for lying", Lila sobbed.

"Don't worry Lila", Mylene comforted her.

"They won't win cause your not a liar, and you're a great friend", I told her.

"Yeah! They probably don't even know what they are doing, and are going to look like idiots", Sabrina joined in.

"Well statistically speaking, they might have some sort of evidence against Lila, since without solid evidence, they can't build their case", Max informed his classmates.

"She's just jealous of how amazing you are Lila, so you don't have to feel down", I hugged my bestie.

"I just hope Dami-boo doesn't get mixed up in all this", Lila cried.

"Will you tell him?", Ivan asked.

"I can't tell him", Lila sobbed.

"Well, you have to tell him. He can come confirm that you aren't lying", Rose told Lila

"I guess", Lila agreed.

Adrien's P.O.V

Looks like that Jason guy thinks he can win against me. Does he even know who I am? I can't believe Marinette would chose him over me!

I know I can easily win against that guy, then Marinette will see she is meant to be with me, and only me. 

Your time is up Jason Todd.

Lila's P.O.V

I can't believe that goody two-shoes Marinette is taking this to court!! Where did she even get the money to pay for a lawyer?? Ugh! They are ruining everything. And now I need to find a way for Damian Wayne to come. Or I could just lie that he couldn't make it. One way or another, I will destroy Dupain-Cheng and her friends.

This court case might actually be the perfect opportunity to ruin them. Marinette and her friends are going down!


Finally!! I updated!!


Will Marinette and her friends expose the liar in court? What does Lila plan to do? What will the idiots' reaction be when they find out about the Waynes? Will Adrien finally get Marinette?

Find out in next chapter!!

- Marshmallow c:

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