A Great Day

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I turned on my phone and realised it wasn't for me, but for MDC.

I didn't get your number, but here's mine: [insert his number]

"OMG!", I squealed.


"What is it Mari-bug?"

"Are you okay Marinette?"

Everyone came rushing in. 

"He sent me his number", I shrieked.

"How?", Nino asked.

"He sent it to my MDC account", I explained.

"Guy really wants to talk you", Kim chuckled.

"Well, are you gonna text him?", Chloe asked impatiently.

I nodded, as I texted him from my personal number.

"HE REPLIED!", I yelled.

They all gathered around me even more as we both texted each other.

"He wants to know where we're going tomorrow", I say

"Well then tell him!!"

After we agreed to meet up tomorrow at the zoo with Jason, we all left to get dinner. 

"Mari-trash! How dare you!"

Oh boy! Here we go again.

"What do you want?", I groaned.

"Through yourself onto that poor guy who helped you, just to get Adrien's attention", she huffed.

"Oh my god Alya!", I yelled, "If you had listened to what Jason said, you would know that we were both just talking and he didn't care. And just for your information, I don't have any feelings for Adrien"

The room went quiet. 

"You don't like Adrien anymore?", Nathaniel asked.

"No! I don't", I said, angrily.

"She's just lying guys. We all know how obsessed you were with him", Alya smirked.

"Marinette! I like you too, so just go out with me", Adrien asked.

"Lila has Damian, and now you have Adrien, so stop being so jealous", Mylene said.

"No. I'm not jealous of Lila. I do not like you Adrien, and will not go out with a spineless coward like you", I yelled, before storming off to my room.

"She's just trying to play hard to get", Alya snickered.

"Will you get it in your heads dudes?", Nino yelled.

"Mari does not like Agreste", I heard Chloe yell, before coming after me.

"Ugh! Why can't they just leave us alone?", Kim asked as we were in the elevator.

"I know right", Alix added, "but at least we know what they were up too".

"If Alya told Adrien about all the crazy things you did when you liked him, then he might think you are still in love with him", Chloe concluded.

I groaned again.

"Don't worry dudette", Nino reassured, "Just focus on our project, and on Jason. We all know you like each other".

I giggled at that. "Yeah, I just hope they don't find out that we're going to the zoo tomorrow"

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