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No one's P.O.V

"Hello, Mr Agreste. I assume you already know why we are calling?", Bruce spoke, the phone being on speaker.

"Yes. I assure you that I had no idea of what had happened", Mr Agreste's voice echoed through the room, as the entire family listened.

"I'm sure you recieved the evidence? The footage that clearly shows that your son tried to force himself on Marinette, his classmate", Bruce stated.

"I am aware now. Before this, when I issued the case, I was told that Ms Marinette was stalking my son, and tried to advance on him, which resulted in having to fend her off using self-defense. Then your son hit mine in order to protect Ms Marinette", Gabriel explained, still shocked at this revelation, "The Jason Todd did ring a bell, but I couldn't recall it back then".

"Well, atleast part of the story is right", Selina commented, "Jason was protecting his girlfriend"

"Girlfriend?", Gabriel asked, confused. 

"You see, Mr Agreste, my brother is dating Marinette. Hence why he felt the need to punch your son, when he tried to kiss her without consent", Dick answered, frustrated that this case had been built on lies.

"If I may ask, where did you get this information from?", Bruce asked.

"From my son and his classmates. They told me that Ms Marinette is in love with my son for so long that she would go to lengths just to be around him, including have his entire schedule", Gabriel explained, to which Marinette groaned.

"Alya, must have some photos or something from that time I did like Adrien", Marinette guessed.

"What do you mean, Ms Marinette?", Gabriel asked, "Are you saying its true?"

"Well, you see, I was 14 when I liked Adrien and did all those things. I see it was wrong, which is why I stopped, but I couldn't see it before, well because it was my first time falling in love with a boy, and my friends encouraged it, more than anything. But I can assure you that I do not have feelings for your son anymore", Marinette explained, embarrassed. 

"I understand, Ms Marinette. Something like that at the age of 14 is not uncommon. However, since the evidence on my side are weak and based of on lies from Ms Rossi and Adrien's classmates, I will be withdrawing the case", Gabriel stated.

"One more thing, Mr Agreste", Chloe interuppted, entering the room.

"Is that Ms Bourgeois?", Gabriel asked surprised.

"Why yes it is! The one and only Chloe Bourgeois", Chloe introduced herself dramatically, making the Waynes and Marinette hold in their laughter.

"I seem to understand now, why I haven't seen you around Adrien for a while", Gabriel observed.

"I'm sorry to put it this way, but he is a spineless coward, who would rather keep a pathological liar happy, rather than his friends. And he is going to court for it", Chloe explained.

"I don't understand. Are you suing Adrien because of Ms Rossi's lies?", Gabriel asked.

"We're suing the entire class", Chloe simply stated.

"I presume you have evidence?", Gabriel asked, curious as to what the Waynes were planning.

"Loads of it", Marinette put in. 

"I see. I will not interfere with this case, as I can already see there is not point. I do apologise on behalf of Adrien, Ms Marinette", Gabriel apologised.

"That's alright Mr Agreste, but really, its the class and Adrien that should be apologising", Marinette said. 

"Yes, I will be having a talk with him, after the ca-", Gabriel informed.

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