Love and More Lies

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Marinette's P.O.V

The room went quiet after the recording had finished playing.

"What did she just say?" Kor'i yelled. Her eyes turned green and her pink hair started flying around. That's when it hit us.

"Oh shit. You guys are the batfam!", Kim screamed.

After the Waynes started denying that they were the batfam and Selina was Catwoman and Kor'i was Starfire, they finally accepted it. Marinette, Chloe, Nino, Kim and Alix revealed that they were the ex-heroes Ladybug, Princess Honey (chloe's new hero persona), Reynard (nino's new hero persona), Monkey King and Bunnix. 

"You just continue to amaze me", Jason breathed as he hugged me.

"So what should we do about Lila?", Nino asked.

"It seems that she's trying to make it sound like we all except for Demon Spawn are only with Bruce for money", Tim guessed

"That's crap. We all know Bruce adopted us, and Dami may be his biological son, but we're here cause we're family, not for the money", Dick said, everyone else hummed in agreement.

"And it seems she didn't bother to check for any information. Maria Wayne. Tim is the father. His girlfriend left him.", Jason rolled his eyes.

"Also Agreste is suing JayJay for "physically assaulting" him", I informed his family.

"He's what?", Bruce asked.

"It's fine. We all know that even if we go to court, he can't win against us. And we can expose that liar", Jason glared.

"Jason, this stuff can get very messing. This isn't just a fight between you and that boy. There's laws and the legal system involved. Not to mention the press and media", Selina sighed.

"We need to keep this secret if this plan is going to work", Chloe huffed.

"What do you mean?", Tim asked.

"Well, you see, they still haven't realised you guys are the Wayne family. No doubt they'll recognise Bruce and Selina, but the don't recognizes the rest of you. We can't let them find out before revealing Lila's lies", Alix explained.

"So, what's our next step?", Bruce asked.

*                                        *                                                  *                                                          *

After an hour of discussing what we should do, Bruce got a phone call. 

"It seems this case will be going to court", Bruce sighed.

"Well, we need to get more evidence of her lies", Dick said.

"And Agreste trying to get Pixie pop", Jason growled.

"Tt. Todd, didn't know you were this protective of your girlfriend", Damian rolled his eyes.

"I'm not letting any of them hurt her", Jason replied.

"Don't worry JayJay. I know you'll protect me", I said hugging him.

"Aww. You guys are so cute", Selina cooed.

We both started blushing like crazy. 

"I know we are in a lovely moment right here, but we need you guys to meet your class", Tim interrupted.

"He's right dudes. We need actual evidence of them bullying us, and evidence of Adrien", Nino added.

"Do you know where they are going today?", Dick asked

"I think I heard Lila say she helped the GCPD catch some criminal or something, so I think they are heading over there", Kim told us.

"I guess we should head there too", Jason said, heading towards the door.

"Tt. I'm coming", Damian said.

"Be careful", Bruce warned.

"Don't worry Bruce, we'll be fine", I reassured.

As we walked out of the gates, Jason pulled out his phone and made a call.

"Commissioner Gordon? It's me Jason. Is there a group of french students touring there? Really? Ok. Good. I'm coming over there with a few friends. Don't take any action on them. Bruce has a plan", he said.

"Okay, so your class is there. I told Commissioner Gordon to not do anything, if the liar says something", Jason informed us.

"We better get there before they're done", Alix stated, running ahead. 

Kim followed her, while we all laughed, walking behind. 

When we arrived there, everyone thought we were called there to be arrested.

"Jason!", Commissioner Gordon greeted.

"What are you doing?", Lila shrieked

"Arrest them, sir, they assaulted Adrien Agreste, famous model in Paris", Alya explained.

"That case is going to court, if I remember correctly, so I can't really arrest him, nor anyone just cause you tell me to, miss", Commissioner Gordon replied.

"Lila knows the Waynes", Rose jumped in.

"And? Knowing the Waynes doesn't mean I have to arrest who you tell me to", Commissioner Gordon deadpanned.

"Come on guys! Let's get out of here!", Alya growled. 

The entire class followed Alya and left.

"Did you get all that?" Damian asked.

"Yep! Every single word!", I replied.

Throughout the next few days, we carefully followed and got as much evidence as we could of Lila lying, and the class assaulting me, Chloe, Alix, Kim and Nino. The things Lila claimed were impossible to be the truth. She claimed that she personally had helped Batman once, and she started claiming that she knew Damian's birth mum. Nino and Kim had to hold Damian back, while Jason disarmed him.

One evening, Jason said he wanted me show me something and took me out to the garden in the back. It was getting dark, and there was a full moon. He took me to a place which looked really familiar. 

"Have we been here before?", I asked him.

"You'll see", he smirked.

I was confused until I saw the fountain.

"This is where you brought me! On our first date", I exclaimed, recognising the garden.

"And our first kiss", Jason reminded, making me blush., "And this is also the place I ask...Marinette, the past few days have been crazy, and I hadn't had time to do this, but will you be my girlfriend?"

I was overjoyed! "YES! YES!", I screamed hugging him.

We spent some time together in the garden, mostly making out, and broke the news to everyone that we made it official. Now all I had to do was get Nino to finally ask Chloe out.


Sorry for the late update!!! T_T

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Will Nino finally ask Chloe out? What will Alya's reaction be when she see's her ex with Chloe? Will Lila go to jail for claiming to be dating a 12 year-old? What will happen between Adrien and Jason at court?

Find out next chapter ! 

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