Her Lies

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Mari's P.O.V

After a good night sleep and breakfast at Wayne Manor, we decided to head to the mall. Of course we dragged Damian along with us, since they all thought it would be better he learnt to socialise like a normal person.

"Which shop you guys want to go first?", Jason asked.

"I don't know, which one do you recommend?", I asked.

"Not sure, how about we just walk around and see which store you want to go to?", Jason suggested.


"Tt. Why am I here?", Damian asked annoyed.

"Because you need to learn to talk to people normally", Jason told.

"Why do I need to talk to people?", he asked back.

"So you can make friends dude", Nino answered.

Damian just looked away and continued to walk.

"Is he always like this?", I asked Jason.

"I don't know, I mean in the few years we've known him yes", Jason replied.

"Few years?", I asked confused.

Jason sighed. "We didn't know Damian even existed until his mum dropped him off with Bruce when he was eleven"

"So he hasn't had the opportunity to really get to know people?", I asked.

Jason shook his head. "He's gotten used to us now, but still not other people".

"I see"

"Well how about we all have lunch together here?", Alix suggested.

"Sounds nice", Nino said.

"I'll see if the other want to join is well", Jason said, before calling Selina.

"They'll be here at 1, so we have an hour before lunch", Jason informed us.

"Cool, so what should we do?", I asked.

"Let's head to the garden", Chloe suggested.

We all walked to the garden, well more like dragged Damian there as sat down in the peace an quiet, until...

"Did you guys come back here just to bully Lila again? And you have this kid here is well?"

Oh boy. Why them?

"No, we just came to relax here", I responded.

"Yeah right, you probably found out Damian Wayne was coming here to meet Lila and just wanted to ruin everything", Alya screeched, while Lila turned on the waterworks. 

"I'm Da-" Jason stopped Damian.

"Are you going to be meeting just Damian or his entire family?", Jason asked.

"Why should we tell you?", Ivan glared.

"Well Bruce Wayne is my boss, and I think I remember him telling us that he was going to have lunch today with his family", Jason smirked.

We all got onto what he was doing. We took out our phones and started recording the conversation. 

"Wow! Lila! Are we going to meet the entire Wayne family?", Rose asked.

"Um...yeah, I think Damian mentioned it", Lila stuttered.

"Do we get to meet his brothers?"

"What about Jason Wayne? Is he going to be there?"

"Is Selina Kyle going to come is well?"

I guess Lila couldn't continue this lie so she started crying and spewing lies again.

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