Moving On

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Author's note: In this fanfic, they only know the Waynes but do not know their ages, as their are not very well-informed about celebrities outside of France.

⚠️mention of sexual assault ⚠️

Marinette's P.O.V

"Yes! Dami-boo must've sent them to us! He really does love his girlfriend!"

Suddenly the whole class was gushing over Lila. Again.

"Who's Dami-boo?", Alya asked.

"Damian Wayne. Bruce Wayne's biological son", Lila told.

"Your dating Damian Wayne?", Rose squeaked.

"Yes. Well we only made it official a few days ago...oh no! We were meant to keep it a secret!", Lila started sobbing, "He didn't want anyone to know because of the press and the media"

"It's okay Lila", Mylene comforted.

"We won't tell anyone", Ivan added.

"But he must love you a lot if he sent tickets for the whole class", Alya gushed.

Ms Bustier rolled her eyes and glance over at us. Us being me, Nino, Alix, Kim and Chloe. We were the only people who didn't believe Lila. Also Adrien, but being the spineless coward he is, he chose to take Lila's side. Ms Bustier looked at us apologetically. She knew the truth about how we got the trip to Gotham. I won an essay writing competition.

"So, how'd you guys meet?", Alix asked bored.

"If you're here in Paris, how'd you meet him who's all the way in America?", Kim joined in.

"Can't you guys go be jealous somewhere else?", Alya scoffed.

"They weren't being jealous, Alya", Nino sneered, "They were just asking, we are all curios as to how they met"

Alya half glared at her ex-boyfriend. We all knew she never got over him even though they had broken up over a year ago. Nino felt as if Lila was more important then him to Alya. And he did not like how they bullied his childhood friend.

"So, how did you meet?", Chloe asked.

"I used to live in Gotham. Me and Damian have been friends ever since I remember. I always used to go over to Wayne Manor, and was super close to his family. They simply adored me. But Damien older brother, Jason, was jealous of our relationship, and sexually assaulted me. That's why he disappeared for a few years. After that, I had to move, but Damian always texted me and called me, and started a long distance relationship. But we made it official a few days ago", Lila lied.

Ok. I was trying so hard not to laugh, and I could see my friends trying to do the same. 

"Aww. You poor thing!"

"It must be scary going back. Aren't you scared of seeing his older brother. The one that sexually assaulted you?", Juleka asked.

"I am, but I sorta forgave him, and he understands that I'm with Damian", Lila continued.

"Girl! You have a heart of gold!", Alya screamed, hugging her bestfriend.


The class all turned around to Ms Bustier.

"Well as I was saying, the class has been given a trip to Gotham. We will be there for at least 2 weeks, but pack extra luggage in case our stay is extended. At the end of our trip, we will be attending the end of year party at Wayne Enterprises, as the Waynes are the ones who sponsored our trip", Ms Bustier explained, "Marinette, you will be in-

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