Court Day

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⚠️WARNING! Mention of sexual assualt ⚠️

Marinette's P.O.V

We were all nervous about the court day. Today we all stood in front of the law and let lady justice decide our fate. Bruce finished up any last minute details with the lawyer, as we all stepped into the court. The class glared at us, making Jason wrap his arm around me protectively. The greatest shock was when the class saw Nino and Chloe behind us, walking in holding hands. Alya's face went white in shock, then red in anger. Lila whispered something to Alya and in less then a second she was storming over to us.


We were all stunned. Damian looked ready to wrangle her neck. I was about to say something, when Jason held arm and turned his to Nino. I saw something in Nino's eyes and smirked. Looks like the time has come for him to finally stand up to Alya.

"I can't cheat on you, if we're not dating", Nino said with a bored expression.

"This is all your fault Marinette!" Alya screamed, turning the blame to me. "If you weren't so selfish and desperate for attention then none of this would've happened! Why can't you just leave Lila alone and admit that you're a jealous brat?!" 

We were all stunned. Granted I thought she would have an outburst about Chloe and Nino getting back together, but this I did not expect.

"Alya, if you wish to say something to me, then you can say it after the case finishes, until then I suggest you try and find a way to defend Lila, cause this is the court and we're in front of the law. Her crocodile tears won't work here", I smirked.

"You'll see. Damian Wayne is coming and he'll prove that Lila isn't lying", Alya huffed.

"I can assure you that you'll be saying the complete opposite after today", Damian glared.

"Who-" ,

" Everyone please remain quiet! The court is now in session" 

Alya hurried back to her seat and sat beside Lila who started assuring her that she can get her back with Nino.

No one's P.O.V

"Today were we here to witness the case between one Ms Marinette Dupain-Cheng and one Ms Lila Rossi. The charges are as followed - multiple cases of slander, assault, defamation and one case of courting a minor", the judge read out

The class looked confused. Who was dating a minor???

"Those are all lies! Marinette is just making them up to bully Lila cause she's je-", Alya started to make a scene.

"Quiet down young lady. This is a court. Given the amount of proof, the court will decied who is guilty", the judge said sternly, giving Alya a glare. "Prosecution, you may begin".

"As stated, the charges of slander and defamation are against Lila Rossi, as well as courting a minor. Charges of assault are against the members of the same class. Charge of sexual assault again Adrien Agreste". 

The class was horrified at the charges that was read against them. This wasn't the case. Marinette was the bully. She was the one who was assaulting Lila. And who was the minor they claimed Lila was dating?? She was dating Damian Wayne wasn't she? 

Adrien glared at Jason sitting next to Marinette. He thought the case would've been dropped after his father withdrew, but they were pressing charges against him?? All he did was try to kiss Marinette. She was in love with him anyway. 

"Under these, Lila Rossi has spread many rumors about being associated with celebrities and accusing them of stealing ideas from her or being in romantic relationships with her. I'm here to represent of those people, my client, the Waynes". 

Murmers started in the court room. The class had turned white. No way. Marinette was not sitting with the Waynes. Lila was about to protest that the people sitting there was passing themselves off as Waynes when Bruce Wayne walked into the room. Beside him was Selina Kyle. This was no joke. This was the real deal.

"B-bruce Wayne", Max breathed out. 

The class couldn't believe that the Waynes were there. No one noticed Lila pale. No one noticed the sweat forming as she stared at the intimidiating figure of billionaire Bruce Wayne. How did Mari-trash get a billionaire on her side??? This could not be happening. Is this why they were so confident to bring the case to court?? 

"Bruce Wayne! Don't you recognise Lila? Why are you one Marinette's side?", Alya started shouting.

"Yeah, Lila is the one dating Damian Wayne", Rose cried out. 

"Silence! I will remind the defense one last time. This is a court. You will speak when you are required. Speaking out of turn will get you charged with contempt of court. Understood?", the judge glared at the class, particularly Alya. 

"Ms Lila Rossi, has spread many rumor about multiple celebratities, these are which have been recorded on the Ladyblog, a blog run by Ms Alya Cesaire. Copies of these have been sumbitted as evidence, as well as transcript of the videos", the prosecutor continued.

Alya stared at the man. All she did was post the truth! They have no proof that Lila was lying! All these people were just jealous of Lila and her accomplishments. 

"The transcript of the recording where Lila claimed many things about the Wayne family is the biggest evidence that she is the sole creator of these claims, while Ms Cesaire was merely taking these with no proof and posting them onto her blog, without fact-checking"

These words hit Alya deep. She was always proud of how many articles she had posted on her blog. It was what was going to help her get her dream job.

The class weren't feeling any better. None of them wanted to believe that the claims against Lila were true. Because if it was, that means that they were driving Marinette off for no reason. 

"The Waynes will be suing Lila on behalf of Marinette Dupain-Cheng and also for many claims against them, such as being sexually assaulted by Jason Todd-Wayne, which my clients claim is untrue given that they have never been assoicated with Lila Rossi, nor has she stepped foot in America before the class trip".

Lila looked over at where Marinette was sitting. Her boyfriend glaring daggars as soon as they made eye contact. Ugh!! How did SHE, a nobody, get a date with one of the Waynes?!?

Alya looked over at her ex-bestie. If Marinette was dating one of the Wayne boys, then did that really mean Lila was lying? No, maybe Lila is also telling the truth. There's no way she would be lying. If she was, her whole life would be ruined now. 

"This brings me to present the case of the one of the most disturbing charges. One Ms Lila Rossi, aged 17, going into 18 in a few months, claiming to be in a romantic relationship with one Master Damian Wayne, biological son of Bruce Wayne, age 12", the prosector announced. 

"12?!?!?", the class yelled out.


dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

it has been finally revealed to the mindless sheep that infact damian is only 12 😲😲😲

How will the case progress now? Will the class finally accept that Lila was lying? Or will they still fight for their friend till the end? And how does Agreste feel about Mari dating a Wayne!? Will the court rule in Lila's or Marinette's favour?

Find out in the next chapter!!


Finally updated this story. Sorry y'all 😔😔 Just got a little busy with life and also lost a bit of motivation since the show went in a completely opposite direction😐😐😐

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