A Night With You (Pt.2)

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Marinette's P.O.V

I was now very curious to learn more about Jason, and who he really was. He just seems so amazing. He figured out that I was MDC, and he hadn't even known me for 1 whole day! He is so beautiful. Stunning blue eyes, silky black hair, and that patch of white just makes him look more attractive. He asked me more about Lila, which I told him about, how the class left me, and Nino, Alix, Kim and Chloe are my friends.

"So tell me more about you", I said

"About me? Not yet", he laughed.

"No fair, I told you about myself", I pouted.

"Well, your going have to wait, until you meet my family", he said.

"What? Why?", I asked.

"You'll find out after you meet them", he winked.

I blushed harder. He was so mysterious, and it attracted me even more.

After we finished eating, the waitress came again, with our bill, Jason paid, which I allowed him too.

"Oh, and here you go", the waitress handed Jason a piece of paper. He opened it to find her number written down. "In case you need someone a bit more...exciting", she winked walking away.

Jason huffed and then left the paper on our table then lead me outside to the limo.

"I still can't get over the fact that you have a limo", I squealed. 

"You're going to be even more excited to the next place I'm taking you", he replied.

"Where are we going?", I asked, curious

"You'll see"

About 15 minutes later we arrived at what seemed to be a beautiful garden. It was dark outside, but the moon shone brightly down on the garden. There was rose bushes everywhere, and in the center of the garden was a marble bench. The were two fountains around it and all around there was flowers of different kinds planted in the garden.

"Wow", I breathed, "This is so breathtaking"

"I knew you'd like this", Jason smirked.

He came close to me and the moment just seemed so right. I thought about it and realised that this place would really be perfect for my first kiss, and I'd regret it if I didn't do it know. Only knowing him for a few days, I felt that he was my soulmate. I stared into his beautiful blue eyes and he stared deeply into mine. He leaned in as I did, and our lips touched. We kissed each other, under the moonlight in the beautiful garden. After we pulled apart I hugged him.

"Jason, I know that we only met a few days ago, but I really like you", I whispered.

"I like you too Pixie pop", he whispered back, "I'm glad you came with me tonight"

We stayed like that for a while until I had to go back.

"Thanks for tonight JayJay", I pecked him on his cheek before heading for the elevator.

"I'll see you again soon, Pixie pop", he replied, as he headed out to the limo.

I slowly and quietly entered our room, not wanting to wake up the others. Since Lila and her sheep were on a different floor, it was easy to avoid them. I slowly crept towards the girls' bedroom, when the light turned on and-

"How was it?"

"Did he ask you to be his girlfriend?"

"Where'd he take you?"

"Did you guys kiss?"

I smiled, I should've known they wouldn't wait until tomorrow to hear the details. 

"Well,", I started as I sat down, with Chloe, Kim, Nino and Alix sitting around me.

"He took us to this fancy international restaurant, because he didn't know what I liked, so he booked a place where they had almost everything. We had a booth, and this waitress who took our order tried flirting with him", I told them.

"What did the dude do?", Nino asked concerned.

"Well, he just ignored her and was very annoyed with her", I giggled, "He asked me about being MDC, and about Lila. But he didn't tell me anything about him, he said I had to wait until I met his family"

"His family?", Kim asked.

"Yeah, I don't know why, but I agreed. He then took me to a beautiful garden, and there was this bench, with two fountains around it, and the we", I stopped.

"OMG! MARI-BUG! YOU KISSED?", Chloe exploded.

"Um...yea", I hesitantly laughed.

They were all happy for me that I had a good night with Jason.

"So, did he ask you to be his girlfriend?", Alix asked.

"No, not really, but he said he'd see me soon", I sighed. I was kind of disappointed he didn't ask me.

"He'll ask you soon. He seems to be totally in love with you", Chloe squealed.

"Thanks Chlo", I laughed, "Anyway what did you guys get up to?"

"Well, they all noticed that you weren't there for dinner, so we told them you were feeling really tired, and Chloe and Nino took some food up to our room, pretending it was for you, and they stayed up here the whole time", Kim smirked.

"Nothinghappenedwejusttalked", Chloe spluttered.

"Yeah, well me and Kim stayed down to hear what they were saying", Alix added, "They don't have a clue as to what you were really up to. Just like we don't have a clue as to what Nino and Chloe were up to"

"Dudes! We were just chillin'! Nothing happened!", Nino freaked.

We all laughed at how red Nino and Chloe were.

"Also, Lila was hanging around our floor for a bit. Don't know she was up to though", Chloe remembered.

"Maybe she was checking to see if Marinette was really here or not", Kim suggested. We all shook it off, but kept in mind to be more careful around them.

"Something is bound to happen between you two", I said to Chloe before we headed to bed.

The next morning, there was another round of lies and drama. 

"Yeah, I was up all night talking to Dami-boo", Lila lied. Then she burst into tears. "I wanted to take you all with me to see him today, but he's just too cautious since he found out I'm being bullied by Marinette and her friends"

The class all glared at us for 'ruining their chance' to meet the Waynes.

"Wow. Thanks a lot guys" Ivan commented.

"Yeah, you just ruined our chance to meet the Waynes!", Rose shrieked.

"You know he could just invite you all and not us", Chloe snapped.

"He was scared that you would bully me even more", Lila cried.

I rolled my eyes and dragged my friends all outside so we can head off to the next place we needed to go. 

"Marinette! Wait!"



Lila...we all know u don't know the Waynes...well except for the akuma class

they all dumbdumb!


Will Jason ask Mari to be his girlfriend? Will she find out that he's a Wayne before she meets his family? Is Lila really dating Damien Wayne? And will Adrien commit something stupid to make Mari "his" after he finds out she went on a date with Jason?

Find out in next chapter

- Marshmallow c:

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