He's What!?

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"Wayne Manor?", I could hear Kim mumble.

"Jason, ARE YOU A WAYNE?", I yelled.

"Um...yeah? Surprise?", he chuckled lightly.

"Why didn't you tell me?", I asked as the limo pulled to a stop.

"You'll see when we get inside", he said.

We got out of the limo and took our luggage out, and into the manor. Their butler, I think Alfred, took them to our rooms which had been prepared just for us. 

"The ladies will be in one room, and the gents will be in the room opposite it", Alfred informed us.

"Thank you", we thanked before we followed Jason into the main room.

"We're here", he called out.

In the room was sitting a two woman, Mar'i and Tim!?

"Tim, right?", Nino asked him.

"Your a Wayne too?", Chloe asked.

"Yeah and so is Dick", he laughed.

We were all too speechless.

"Hi Aunt Nette, Aunt Chloe, Aunt Alix, Uncle Nino and Uncle Kim", Mar'i greeted.

"Hey Mar'i"

"Hello. I am Kor'i. I'm Richard's wife and Mar'i's mother", the woman with pink hair introduced.

"Hi, I'm Marinette, this is Chloe, Nino, Alix and Kim", I greeted back.

"Your MDC, Royal C and DJ Fox, right?", the other woman asked.

"Um, yeah", Nino replied shocked.

"I'm Selina Kyle", she introduced.

"I know you", Alix said, "Your Bruce Wayne's girlfriend"

"That's right", she giggled.

"Where's Demon Spawn, Bruce and Dick?", Jason asked Tim.

"Coming back. They went out tonight.", Tim replied.

"Tell them to hurry up", he said, to which Tim immediately rushed out of the room.


"So, we finally get to meet Lila's boyfriend, huh?", Nino asked chuckling, breaking the awkward silence.

"Ah, I heard about this Lila girl. So she lies a lot?", Selina asked.

"Yes, mostly to get attention from everyone, but honestly, there is no proof to back up her claim", I sighed.

"So how stupid is everyone who believes her?", Jason asked.

"Pretty stupid", Chloe rolled her eyes.

"Well, she should've thought more clearly before lying about my family", a voice boomed.

We all turned to face the Bruce Wayne!

"Bruce Wayne", Kim breathed.

"Yes, I am. You must be Marinette, Chloe, Alix, Kim and Nino?", he asked.

We nodded, and saw Richard come in after him and then a young boy who looked different from the rest. He was tan and had green eyes.

"Tt. Which one is the liar?", he asked.

"She's not here, we're the ones who don't believe her lies", Alix gulped. 

For such a young boy, he was pretty dark and scary.

He pointed at me, "You're Todd's girlfriend? I can't believe MDC would date him", he scoffed.

Everyone around us started laughing. "Demon Spawn! Get here so I can kill you", Jason yelled.

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