Jealousy & New Love

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"Are you...could you possibly be...MDC?", he asks.

I looked at him shocked. How could he possibly know? I grabbed his hand and pulled him off to the side.

"How?", I asked shocked.

"I'm a bit of a detective", he smirked.

I stared at him in awe. He was just so amazing. I realised how close we were to each other and that was when I realised how hot he was. He had beautiful blue eyes and..

"Pixie pop? You there?", he waved his hands in front of me.


"You just kind of spaced off..."

"I was just thinking...", I started.

"About me?", he joked.

We both laughed, as my face went red. 

"I'm just kidding Pixie pop", he laughed.


Oh boy! I turned to my side to see my 'classmates' and a fuming Agreste.

"What do you guys want?", I asked, bored.

"We are so sorry, sir, um...Jason, was it?", Lila apologised, batting her eyelashes. 

"Why?", he asked, confused.

"Well because this little sl*t here was throwing herself onto you. You should've never helped this bully", Alya told.

"Excuse me? I don't know what you're talking about. Marinette and I were just talking. So if you would be kind enough to give us some privacy, please leave us alone", Jason growled, while leading me away from the group.

"What was that about?", he asked me when we were faraway, at the garden near the mall.

"That girl with the sausage hair, Lila, has been telling lies since she came. Me and my friends refused to believe them, so they all pretty much hate us. They think I'm jealous of her since we both liked the same guy", I explained to him.

"I heard about her from Tim and Dick. Apparently she's dating Damian Wayne", he rolls his eyes.

"You should hear the other stuff she says. 'I saved Jagged Stone's kitten from being run over by a plane'", I mocked Lila's voice.

Jason fell apart, laughing at what I said.

"Wha-", he continued to laugh, finding it hard to breathe. 

"Are you okay?", I asked a bit concerned.

"I am. I am. It's just that Jagged is allergic to fur, and doesn't he have Fang for the past like 20 years? And saving him from being run over by a airplane? Unauthorised persons aren't allowed on the airstrip. They would've detained her", he explained still laughing.

"I know! But my stupid class actually believe her", I laughed with him.

"Mari-bug! There you are!", Chloe came running and hugged me.

"We saw Lila and her sheep, and thought she had gotten to her, especially since you were alone", Alix explained.

"We didn't know you were on a date, otherwise we would've taken our time", Nino huffed, out of breath.

"We're not on a date!", I yell at them.

Jason just laughs softly.

"OHH. Then why were you with him in this beautiful garden?", Kim smirked.

"We just came here after dealing with Lila and her minions", I rolled my eyes.

"So you guys bumped into her?", Chloe asked.

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