Jason Todd

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"Excuse me miss. Are you lost?"

I turned around to see...MASTER FU!?

"Master Fu? What are you doing here?", I asked

"I have decided to join the cool turtle ninja dudes", Master Fu answers, as he pulls out a skateboard.

okkkkk. jkjkjkjk. it wasn't master fu and he is not becoming a teenage mutant ninja turtle

on with the story.

"Excuse me miss. Are you lost?"

I turned around to see a young man, with white streak in his black hair.

"Um...yes...I came here with the french class, but I got lost when I went to the bathroom", I explained.

"Tim and Dick lost a student from the tour. Great", he replied, rolling his eyes.

"Excuse me?", I asked confused.

"Tim and Dick, their nicknames. I know them since we work here. Come, I'll take you to them", he offers, "I'm Jason by them way. Jason Todd."

"Marinette Dupain-Cheng", I shook his hand that he offered.

"Dupain-Cheng?", Jason asked, a bit confused.

"Papa is French, Mama is Chinese", I explained.

"Well then blueberry. Let's go", he started to walk off.

"Blue berry?", I asked.

"You have blue eyes and hair, so it suits you", he winks.

"Um...thanks", I blush.

A few minutes later we make it to the tour group. 

"Grayson. Drake. You lost a kid", Jason yells.

My class turns to look at both of us. I could see the rage in both Lila and Alya.


"Hey Chloe", I greet, joining with the rest of my friends.

"Thank Jason", I thank before leaving.

"No problem Pixie Pop", he smiles.

"Pixie pop?"

But he leaves before he answers. 

"Who was that?", Kim asked.

"That was Jason Todd. He works here apparently", I say.

"He does", Richard confirms.

"Sorry we left you behind", Tim whispers to me, while Richard leads the rest of the group.

"Its fine", I reply.

"The liar just turned on the waterworks", Chloe huffed.

"So does she lie often?", Tim asks.

"All the time", Nino sighs.

"We're the only people who don't believe her, so everyone basically hates us", Alix explains.

The tour comes to an end, and Richard and Tim make an announcement.

"You will all be invited here again for the end of year party. Where we will also thank the person responsible for getting you this tour-"

"Yes! Dami-boo will be there!", Lila yells.

"Who's Dami-boo?", Tim asks Kim.

"Damian Wayne. She's apparently dating him", Kim rolls his eyes.

"Not apparently! She is dating him", Alya insists.

"Is she now?", Richard asks.

The class, minus us nod. We could see the two tour guides trying hard not to laugh. After the class starts to walk to the park to rest, the five of us stayed behind.

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