Arriving at Gotham

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Author's Note: As said in previous chapter, they do not know anyone famous that much outside of France. So they know the Waynes, but not their ages, nor do they know they names before being adopted. So they only know their first names.

I slowly opened my eyes as the plane landed.

"Mari-bug! You awake?"

"I am now Chloe", I yawn

"The plane has landed. We're in Gotham", Alix informed.

Thanks to Chloe, we were able to get first class, while the rest got economy. Lila tried to get into first class by claiming we had stolen her tickets, since she told everyone that she booked the class first class. 

"How?", Kim asked.

"Our tickets have our names on it", I deadpanned.

" must've not booked properly", Lila lied.

We rolled our eyes and got into our seats.

Now that we have landed, I reached over to get my luggage, but since I'm a bit shorter than average, I couldn't reach my bag at the back. I was going to ask Kim, when another hand reached up and got my bag.

"Here you go Marinette"

I looked to see Agreste, smiling and holding my bag. Ugh! I forgot his dad probably booked him first class. 

"Um...thanks?", I say

"No problem", he smiles.

"What do you want Agreste?",  Chloe huffed.

"Nothing, I was just helping my princess", he smirks before walking off.

"Did he just call you his princess?",  Nino asked disgusted. 

"I think he did", I replied.

"EWWWWW", Alix yelled.

"Just ignore him. Its probably one of Lila's plans", Chloe suggested. 

I nodded as we headed out of the plane. Something was up with Adrien and it was probably something to do with Lila

Adrien's P.O.V

I don't know why I never noticed her before. She was so beautiful, kind, talented. We could be together now if she just accepts Lila. Why can't she be like me and take the high road? I know I can convince her now, since Alya told me how much of a big crush Marinette has on me. I just know she won't be able to resist me.

I left her flustered when I helped her get her bag down and called her my princess. She's already in  my control. 

I notice her and her friends get in the bus before us, and take the back row. If only I had been quicker, then I could've taken a seat next to her. But who cares? By the end of the trip, she will be mine.

Marinette's P.O.V

I was right! Something is wrong with Adrien. WHEN HE GOT ON THE BUS, HE SMIRKED AT ME! We're all just ignoring him. Nino was very disappointed when I told him about what Adrien did. He knows Lila is lying, but tells us to take the highroad. 

We were all chatting and laughing when the bus pulled to a stop.

"Class, we are here at the hotel. You will get time to rest and freshen up. We will eat lunch here, then leave for our tour of WE", Ms Bustier announced.

We all got our suitcases out, and made our way to reception where again, there was a drama.

"They should be booked under Lila Rossi, from Paris", Lila said to the receptionist.

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