Jack G imagine #1

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"I don't flirt with every girl I meet stop lying all the time, if your stressed or something stop taking it out on me" Jack shouted at me as I sat on the couch holding back the tears as the lump in my throat formed, once again I got sent more photos of Jack hanging out with girls and models and videos of him clearly flirting, and I'm sick of it at first I didn't say anything because I thought it was just a one time thing maybe he is just being nice but now he is never home and I'm questioning whether this relationship is worth the pain.

"I'm not stressed I'm upset and hurt Jack, you are never home and I constantly get hate online and I see pictures of you hanging out and partying with models and other girls how do expect me to be, am I just another girl you like to sleep with? Is that all that is left of this?" I said raising my voice tears escaping my eyes and rolling down my face uncontrollably.

"Why are you always holding me back, I'm just trying to have a career of corse I'm going to go to parties and hang out with other girls surely you knew this was gonna happen when you started this relationship" Jack said shouting louder and getting up towering over me I sat back and wiped my tears away and let every word fall out of my mouth
"No Jack I didnt know because you told me, you promised me you were never gonna leave me, you said you loved me and look at us now, how do I know you haven't cheated on me for all I know I'm just another girl you wanted to have sex with and is going to dump as soon as you get bored or a better offer comes along you dont love me and you never have you just played me and I fell into your trap and I was so happy and now look at me I'm a mess my life is a mess and its all because of you!" I got up and said in his face looking into the same eyes I fell in love with but they were different now, I see anger rage in his eyes, something I have never seen before then I felt Jacks strong hand slap my face the sharp sting hitting me like a million knives the pain rushes to my head and I fall to the cold floor and cup my face and cry into my knees, nothing but my sobs fill the dark room.
"Oh my god, what did I just do" Jack whispers to himself then I feel him kneel down beside me, his hand reaches out to touch my shoulder and I flinch and turn away.
"Please I'm not going to hurt you, I am so sorry" Jack said his voice cracking I could tell he was crying, but I stayed motionless still holding my cheek it was less painful now but I could feel it throbbing. I can't stay here anymore he made that pretty clear it hurts to much to hold on anymore so I slowly got up wiping away my tears, Jack looked at me with red eyes and tear stained cheeks guilt filled his eyes but it doesnt matter he doesnt love me I need to let go.
"Goodbye Jack, I'm sorry for holding you back and for not being good enough, have a nice life I'm done trying to be in it" I said barely audible but loud enough for Jack to put his head in his hands and cry, so I took one last look at my shatterd world and walked out of the door and out of his life.

Wow that was kind of sad, thank you so much for 1.14k reads that is absolutly insane. Let me know if you want any requests I will be happy to do some but thank you again xxx

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