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WARNING: this contains violence and blood.

Your POV

I was walking down the streets of LA at about 10:00pm, it was dark but the streetlights and the bustle of people made me feel at ease. I had just finished a meeting with my producer about the new music ill be releasing soon. I always dress up for my meetings in my heels and dresses. I made sure I avoided all of the alley ways but I went down a road to get to my car and realised how creepy it was in the dark, but it looked so innocent in daylight. my car was insight and I was heading to my pick up truck doesn't really match the outfit I'm wearing right now but I'm a country girl at heart, "where are my keys" I said under my breath fumbling around my bag trying to find them in such dim light.

"Hey pretty lady" I heard a sinister voice behind me say, they weren't close but I felt like their cold intoxicated breath was on my neck, I lifted my head slowly and was trying to make a decision to run to my car or confront, I heard footsteps getting closer and closer and my eye started to pulsate with fear and adrenaline, I calmly and slowly took of my heels and turned around confronting him. His clothes were ripped up and he was unshaven ungroomed. With a bottle of whiskey in one hand  a sharp kitchen knife in the other he looked at me a smiled. The sight sent shivers down my spine.

"What are you waiting for then, you gonna kill me take my money, or are you just going to stare?" I said in a cocky way, he chuckled and came inches away from my face. The smell of alcohol made my stomach churn. "Your a cocky little thing aren't you, I should ought to teach you a lesson or two" he said in my ear, he rose his knife up to my throat and slowly slid it across my skin I could feel the blood trickle down my neck. Without a second thought I kneed him in the balls as hard as I possibly could, he screamed out in pain so I turned on my feet trying to make a run for it, then I felt his bony fingers wrap around my ankles and I fell face forward to the concrete floor, blood started running from my nose like a stream, he stood up and coward over me, a smirk grew on his face and I managed to gather everything that was left in me to pull up his ankles so he fell on his neck and back on the concrete, I got on my knees and put my hand round his neck "Fuck you" I said with gritted teeth and threw three punches to his face before I saw his eyes close. I didn't kill the guy, I mean I couldn't deal with that as much as I wanted him to be dead I mean he may of done this to hundreds of woman. With my hand still on his neck I called the police, my hands shaking from the adrenaline and blood loss.

They arrived 10 minutes later, and hand cuffed the half conscious guy and locked him in the car. "Miss Y/L/N, can we take you down to the police station for further questioning?"

"That wont be neccerscry, look all you need to know is he's not dead I'm not dead he tried to slit my throat or kill me or rob me or whatever but he didn't and I beat him up in self defence because  feared for my life, now can I go please I just want to forget this ever happened." I said rather rudely to the Officer but it was all true.

" Okay, just don't come out in streets alone they're not safe." The Officer said sympathetically.

" Thanks for the advice sir" I said and started walking back to my car.

"Oh and Miss Y/L/N" he called out after me. " I admire your courage in beating this guy up"

"thanks I appreciate it" I finally said and got in my truck and drove back home. I'm looking forward to getting this stupid dress off and cleaning my face.

I pulled up at the house and saw Sammy's and Jack G's cars on the drive which means everyone from Omaha is here. Great.

I walked in, slammed the door and took my dress off whilst walking to the kitchen. 

"Hey Y/N's here, come say hi to the younow" Johnson said, I didn't reply and they started shouting my name, I really cant be dealing with this shit right now but I have the biggest headache and 6 boys calling my name. I walked in in my underwear and blood all over my face neck and chest, and they all looked up and simultaneously said "Shit"

"Wassup people of younow" I said looking at the MacBook, the boys just stayed staring at me with their mouths open.

"Yo Y/N what the fuck happened" Nate said jumping up and coming over to me and looking at all the cuts on my face, he took off his shirt and carefully put it over my head.

"Baby girl who did this to you?"  Nate said as calmly as he could manage.

"Well I'm only gonna say it once so I might as well say it to the people" I said motioning to the younow with thousands of comments talking about me. I sat down in front of it and Johnson came back with a wet paper towel to stop the bleeding for a bit. Nate sat next to me and hugged me as I started telling everybody what happened. Everyone was in shock and I found it quite funny because apart from the bloody nose and cut throat I was basically fine, these types of things didn't effect me.

"Oh my god, where is he I'm going to the police right now, no one can touch you and get away with it" Nate said after they shut the younow off.

"Nate I'm fine and he is in a police car half concussed a black eye and probably a spinal injury, I wouldn't worry about him" I said with a smile on my face, proud of self that I got that piece of shit of the streets.

"Y/N your so fucking bad ass" Jack G said making me laugh.

"Maybe we should fire the security guards and just have Y/N" Johnson said.

"Its okay if you are, but are you like a secret agent or from the fbi ? " Sammy said in the most serious face and voice.

"Well I wouldn't want to give away my position but you could say that" I said going along with it Sammy's face lit up and I actually think he believes me.

"Well we are going to leave you and your badass secret agent girlfriend alone to sort things out." Johnson said gathering his things they all said goodbye and left; Nate carried me bridal style to the bathroom and sat me on the counter and started cleaning up my cuts and putting band aids on.

"Babe" Nate said whilst deep in concentration.

"Yes honey." I muttered because he was cleaning my neck cut and it stung like hell.

"Are you sure your okay, you can cry or let out your feelings I will still think your badass" Nate said smirking and I laughed. He picked me off the counter and put me down.

"I promise I am completely fine, thanks to you doctor Maloley" I said then walked out of the bathroom and into our bedroom.

"I don't suppose you would have enough energy for doctor Maloley to show you what else I specialise in." he said getting closer to my face, showing that smirk that I fell in love with.

  "Well of course if you think its necessary" I said taking off my shirt.

"oh its completely and absolutely necessary" Nate said before connecting his lips with mine.

AN: So there you have it that was one long ass imagine, it was different but I kinda liked it. Sorry for not writing for so long, wattpad never worked on my phone so I found it hard to update but I got a laptop for Christmas and I find it so much better to write on. Requests are closed even though I did about 2 I just find it stressful to have people waiting on me because then I feel I rush them and their not good but yeah, I hope you all had a good Christmas!

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