Nate imagine #1

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You woke up to the sound of pans crashing down stairs, so you got up and put on Nates shirt and some knee high socks then went down the stairs.

When you got to the kitchen you heard muffled swearwords and Nate talking under his breath. When you enter the kitchen Nate turns around and greets you with a smile then he came over to you and gave you a tight hug and a kiss.

"good morning beautiful" he said as he rested his hands on your hips and looked into your eyes.

"what are you doing?" you asked looking at flour and other food items laying around.

"well I was supposed to be making pancakes but then I remembered I can't cook and everything started going wrong" he said pointing to the mess.

"aw that's okay, we will make them together" you said looking at the recipie.

When you were reading he came over and wrapped his arms around your waist.
"right I need 150g of flour please" you said getting the bowl.
"Yes m'am" Nate said measuring it out.
He gave you the flour and you continued to make the pancakes together.

"Done, all we need now is whipped cream and some berrys" you said putting the pancakes on a plate and putting them on the table.
When you walked back into the kitchen to get your orange juice you were (very gently) slapped with a hand full of whipped cream.
"Nate!!" you screamed as you wiped it off your face and acted really sad so he would come over.
"I'm sorry baby it was too tempting" he said coming over and kissing you, when he pulled away you slapped him with the cream in your hand and wiped it all over his face.
"(y/n) you better run" he whined wiping it away then you started running around the kitchen and he chased you laughing, then suddenly you slipped and fell to the floor Nate followed shortly after slipping on the same stuff you did. You rolled on top of Nate and he pulled you closer and kissed you he grabbed your thigh still kissing you, the kiss got heated before you pulled away.
"I'm hungry" you said getting up and sitting down at the table.
"you're such a tease (y/n) " Nate said getting up and sitting down at the table digging in to the very tasty pancakes.

Hey guys sorry this isn't very good it seemed a lot better in my head but hope you enjoyed it anyway xx

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