Nate imagine #2

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Your pov
Nate and Sammy had been in the studio all day today so I decided to go down to the gym for once.
When I came back to the apartment Sam Nate and John were back and on there laptops and phones.
"Hey babe" Nate said as he heard the door close he looked up at me and was about to get up but I said
"Don't come near me I'm all sweaty and I stink, I'm going to have a shower" he nodded so I took of my trainers and walked upstairs and had a nice cold shower.

I think I got a little bit carried away in the shower because by the time I got out it was already 10:30. So I got changed into one of Nates shirts and some knee high socks and put my wet hair in a top knot then made my way down stairs.

I looked around but they weren't there but their music was playing through the surround speakers,  then I spotted them on the balcony smoking of corse.
As soon as I stepped onto the balcony Nate smiled and patted his knee for me too sit on, I gladly accepted and sat on it and stole his joint and took a long drag, I felt the fumes go down into my lungs and I instantly felt relaxed. I have done weed before  I do it quite often.
I breathed out the remaining smoke into hoops and did some smoke tricks whilst Sammy recorded me.
I got off Nate and he slapped my ass as I did so, then walked over to John and Sammy at the table with the bong, I took a drag passed it round and rapped along to Drake. The rest of night consisted of inappropriate jokes and weed and alcohol.

When we finally  decided to go to bed at about 2:30 am I was checking all my social media's lying in bed while Nate was brushing his teeth, i went on snapchat and I saw some pics and videos of me  there were lots of me doing tricks and some of me rapping (he does that a lot.) Then he had a picture of me smiling among a cloud of smoke and the caption was 'fuck she's perfect' I smiled when he came in and snuggled up next to me.

A/N hey guys tbh I don't really know what this is but yea hope your imaginations can make it better I guess Nate smoking a bong on his snap chat story inspired this
I'm sorry if you don't want to smoke but I thought it would be nice 
Love you xx

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