Jack Johnson #1

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Your pov

"Yo, (Y/N) you ready?" Jack asked setting up the camera in front of me, we are doing the boyfriend girlfriend tag.
"Yep" I said then he clicked record.

"Whats up everybody today me and my beautiful girlfirend (y/n) are going to be doing the boyfriend girlfriend tag but kinda different questions because I thought it would be a bit boring so we have each picked about 5 questions from twitter each and we are going to answer them" Jack said putting his arm around me and kissing my cheek at the end.

"First question, what was our first impressions of eachother when we first saw them?" Jack said turning to me.
"Well I already knew who you were so I was kind of fangirling but also I was thinking damm that hair is gorgeous" I said making Jack laugh.

"My first impression of (y/n) was damm you are beautiful ,and I really loved your outfit that day you looked so hot but anyway when you came closer I saw your eyes omg I couldn't stop staring they are so gorgeous look at them!" Jack zoomed in on my eye when he said it making me blush and giggle.
"but yea that was mine" jack said so I said my question.

"Where is our favourite place to go together?"

"Oh that's easy, the beach there is this really cool spot that has loads of rocks around and kind of a cave and it's always just us there when we go and we sometimes go when the sun is setting because we can watch it from on top of the Rock it's beautiful" Jack said with excitement in his voice.

"Whats our favourite tradition to do together?" Jack said turning to me.

"Every month or two we go to either your family or my family's house and we spend the weekend together and we play a big game of baseball or soccer and I love it so much because we cuddle on the couch in pj's and eat cookies that we made, and I must say Jacks mom makes the best cookies ever, but anyway that's my favourite because I love seeing everyone together" I said smiling uncontrollably.
"That's my favourite too" Jack said wrapping his arm around my waist.

"Who's your favourite relative from each others family?" I said already knowing the answer.

"Her brother, he is so funny and I wish we could hang out more but he lives so far away but anyway her brother"
"I'm gonna say your dad John, because he is really nice and I love playing baseball with him we have good times together" I said whilst Jack was smiling at me.

"How many kids do you guys want and what gender and names" Jack said blushing slightly, I guess he was nervous I didn't want to have kids.

"We haven't really talked about kids I never knew you wanted them?" I asked.

"Are you kidding me I can't wait till we have kids, and we can all go out to eat and we can swim in our pool and go on holidays and I can teach them how to ride a bike and their first day of school and oh my god it will be perfect, sorry if I'm creeping you out I didn't even ask if you wanted kids" Jack said awkwardly scratching the back of his neck.

"Of corse I want kids, you will make the perfect dad I didn't know you thought about it so much though?"

"I think about spending the rest of my life with you and seeing you walk down he isle and see you bear our children and bring them home for the first time and us raising children together there's nothing else I think about" Jack said and made my heart melt and I felt my eyes well up with tears.
"me neither" I said barely audible.

We carried on the video and answerd more questions and Jack kept kissing me and making me feel special, I love this guy so much.


Later on in the day when I was making dinner and Jack was on his laptop facing me, he kept smiling every 3 minuetes.

"What are you smiling at?" I said whilst cutting some herbs he looked up at me
"My beautiful girlfirend" he said and I blushed.
He carried on editing the video and then we ate dinner together then watched tv and fell asleep. How did I get so lucky?

Hey guys that was quite long so I decided to skip some questions because I thought it was getting boring but this gave me mega feels imagine watching jack teach your child how to ride a bike it would be so cute omg.
Thank you so much for 2.39K that is so amazing love you guys xxx

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