Where you met

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Jack G- You were struggling to reach something at Walmart and he got it down for you and you started talking and he asked for your number.

Sam- You were playing volleyball at the beach with some friends when one of them hit it and it rolled over to a boy (Sammy) he gave it back to you then you started talking and he asked for your number then played volleyball with you because it was an odd number.

Johnson- You love sports especially basket ball. so one day you went to see Miami Heat play you were going to go with your friend but she bailed last minute so you went on your own. You sat down after getting a corn dog next to a really hot blonde guy (Johnson) you said hello and exchanged names etc. At half time he asked for a selfie with you and you happily agreed then you searched for him on twitter and he put the caption as met the most beautiful funny girl today hoping for her number
you blushed then gave him your number then you watched the rest of the game. After the game you went to Taco Bell and had a really nice time together.

Nate- You were down the skate park quite late at night going up and down the ramps the dark didn't really scare you and since you had just started you didn't want lots of people showing off so you wanted to be alone. You were alone with your music on until someone came in (Nate) he introduced himself then started skating you were doing really well until you fell off and scraped your elbow, he stopped and came over to you and helped you up and you two sat on the ramp together you talked almost all night before you had to go home because your mum was worrying but you exchanged numbers and started hanging out loads.

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