Nate Imagine

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This idea was given to me by @Jadelyn143  so creds to her <3

Nates POV

Thanks giving was coming up and since my girlfriend Y/N's parents lived so far away and she had only met my parents and Stew and Kaylan about once, I invited her up to Omaha for the week, and she seemed really happy about it which I loved, my parents had talked to Y/N sometimes on skype when I've been chatting to them and she always makes them laugh and they really like her, so I'm glad I can make my ma proud.

"Hey have you seen my plain white bra anywhere?" she said coming down the stairs with no makeup and one of my shirts, when she's most beautiful. I got up off the couch and walked over to her because she seemed stressed.

"what's wrong babe?" I said planting a kiss on the forehead as she snuggled into my chest.

"I just want to make a good impression, I want them to like me" her muffled voice said so I pulled away and grabbed her face in my hands.

"listen to me beautiful, my parents love you and they've only met you like once you make them laugh you're sweet and they are constantly going on about how good you are for me, and even if they for some reason changed their minds I wouldn't care, you're perfect and I don't care what anyone else says okay, you're going to be fine" I said and she just smiled and kissed me, god she was a good kisser.

"don't know I'm going to keep my hands off you for a week" I said slapping her ass as she walked away.

"with all the food I'm going to eat, trust me you will" Y/N said and ran back up the stairs, she doesn't realize how perfect she is and I hate that.


"Something' 'bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman Somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout you Makes me wanna do things that I shouldn't Somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout" Y/N sang looking hot as hell she ran her hand down my shirt and onto my jeans, I was trying my hardest to concentrate on the road but her singing got me every time.

"do you want me to walk around the airport with a boner Y/N?" I said and she laughed and almost choked on her water.

"hell nah, aye if you drive any slower you'll get a parking ticket"

"it's the speed limit"

"yeah and the planes got a time limit so hurry yourself up" she turned the radio back up and continued to sing along all the way to the airport.


"hey how's my boy ?!" mom said and, dad said hi and then took our bags inside, Y/N said hi to Stew and Kaylan they were all joking about and I could already see her relaxing, we were sleeping in my old room since it was all still set up.

"hey Y/N do you want to come to the basement and play on the x-box" Stew said scratching his neck all nervous

"hell yeah I do boy i'll be down in a second" Y/N said putting her bag away

"am I not invited I am your brother"

"um no, mom wants you to go help dad with something in the yard" Stew said, something was going on here.


I went down to the basement to see how they were doing and saw Stewies arm placed behind Y/N on the couch

"what's going on here then" I said making stew jump and take his arm away, they were playing COD or some shit and stew just got shot, he was blushing and I was starting to see what was happening here, I sat down next to Y/N and kissed her she pulled away annoyed.

" dude I'm tryna play a game" she laughed.

"I think I'm going to go to my room now you guys play" Stew said kind of disappointed then left.

"aw what was wrong with Stewie?" Y/N said turning off the x-box I knew the answer but I wasn't going to tell her.

"well ma's getting food ready so let's go" I picked her up and carried her up the stairs.


The week was going great and Stewie kept flirting with Y/N and it was about time I put him in his place, we were playing basketball outside while Y/N and mom and Kaylan had gone to the mall.

"so uh I know you like Y/N" I said after getting a basket.

"what the fuck no I don't" he said all offended

"dude I know you do don't lie to me"

" so what if I do she's funny and chill and talented and beautiful but none of that matters because I know she's with you and nothing's going to happen" he mumbled.

" I know she's perfect but I got her first I'm afraid, but at your age you don't want a girlfriend anyway and you'll find someone don't worry brotha" I said patting him on the back as we went back inside and washed off.

The whole week went perfect and I decided not to embarrass Stew as much as I wanted to.

A/N sorry this sucked i honestly didn't know what to write i was having major writers block but here ya go

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