Twitter conversations

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Lets all just imagine he is tagging you on these but it would get really confusing if I did that love y'all

@Skatemaloley- Do you want to get Chipotle ?

@Y/T/N- But you don't like Chipotle

@Skatemaloley- But I like you ❤

@jackjackjohnson- Can you help me with a math problem?

@Y/T/N- Sure what is it?

@jackjackjohnson- how do you simplify 2i<6u ?

@Y/T/N- That's easy i<3u

@jackjackjohnson- aww I love you too

@Y/T/N- wow

@sammywilk- do you happen to have band aids in your purse ?

@Y/T/N- haha yes why?

@sammywilk- Because I scraped my knee pretty badly falling for you

Jack G
@jackgilinsky- Me and @Y/T/N just got kicked out of target

@Y/T/N- not my fault .

@jackgilinsky- you jumped through the pyramid of toilet paper

@Y/T/N- and I enjoyed every second of it, you should try living on the wild side of life for once

@jackgilinsky- well I'm not going to live on the target side of life

Hey guys I feel so bad for not updating in so long !! I've been on holiday and there's been no WiFi but I'm gonna try update as much as possible before I start school again ugh I'm sorry for mentioning that word love you all

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