Sam imagine #1

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You were at another one of Sam and Nates shows, you went to most of them because he says you give him good luck and he likes to show you off.

Him and Nate had yet again done another amazing performance and it was coming to an end, you were watching from the wings and he kept looking at you through out the show.

"Before we finish I just want to say to my beautiful girlfriend, I love you so much" Sam said turning and looking at you the crowd said aw and shouted to get you on stage. The crowd chanted kiss kiss. And sam just smiled looking at you with is arms out. He then walked over to you and put his hand out you reluctantly placed your hand on top and he walked you to the middle of the stage and the crowd screamed. Your cheeks went red as he cupped your cheek and leaned in and kissed you, he picked you up and span you around still kissing you the crowd screamed and took pictures he put you down and kissed you on the cheek, you smiled then waved goodbye and walked back off stage.

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