The type of couple you are

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Nate- The rebel couple, you guys are always getting in trouble whether its trespassing on someone elses property, egging someones house or getting caught smoking weed, whatever it is, it is always fun and an amazing adveture. Some people think that you guys are bad role models or bad influences but most people think you are amazing and you live everyday to the fullest and don't care about the concequences as long as your together you guys dont care.

Johnson- The adorable cute couple, you guys are always in pictures hugging or holding hands. And sometimes you guys wear matching clothes or you wear his clothes. And you guys are quite public about your relationship because no one can tear you apart and most people love it anyway, so you are both always tweeting about each other or posting pictures of you two hugung on the sofa or baking together. You are the definition of relationship goals.

Gilinsky- The funny and musical couple, you two are so comfortable around eachother so you will make silly faces and be stupid because thats who you are, and you make lots of vines together and people always love them and they kept requesting you did some youtube videos so you did and they loved you even more. Also you have done a few covers of songs togther and are always singing in vines or snapchat.

Sam- The PDA and 'hot model' couple, Sammy can never keep his hands off you so fans normally snap pictures of his hand on your ass or you two kissing some people don't like it but what can you do your in love! Also you two are very well known for being models and doing sexy photo shoots together or alone, and are always going to events and getting very dressed up.

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