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Today I was flying out to New York to see Nate's Skaterade tour at Webster Hall, I was so excited to see Swazz and everyone else, I hadn't been able to go to any of their shows because I had to stay at home and work, my flight doesn't get in soon enough to watch the show but we have time to walk around NYC after, before getting on the bus and going to the next venue.

"We will be landing in New York City airport in aproximently 5 minutes, please remember to pick up all of your belongings, but stay seated until further notice" The airhostess said through the intercom. I don't mind flying but god it was boring.

The plane landed and I made my way into the airport and as soon as my phone connected to the Wi-Fi my phone blew up with phone calls and texts and videos mostly from Swazz. I clicked on some videos and instantly burst into tears, my poor baby was being slung across the room and punched by these fucking people, I ran into the bathroom and rung Swazz back

"Hey baby" he said and I could hear all of the fans in the background.

"What's happening are you okay, I've seen the videos is Derek and Nate okay?" I had all of these questions running through my head.

"Everyone's fine babe I just didn't want you to come down here I don't want you to get hurt I love you too much" he said in his soft voice which gets me every time, I stopped crying wiped my eyes and started to pick all my stuff up.

"I love you too but I'm coming down there whether you like it or not"

"No Y/N" and with that I hung up I don't care what he says I want to make sure he's okay.

I called an uber and it got here pretty fast and I made my way to the extremely busy venue, the girls were all crowded round Nate and I saw Swazz leaning against the bus ringing me I dropped my bag on the floor and stood still his attention and most of the fans turned to me.

"Y/N" Swazz said and ran to me engulfing me in a huge hug, he was all sweaty and his hand was bleeding but he's okay. I heard him let out a little sob into my shoulder so I pulled away and grabbed his face and wiped away his tear he kissed me and rested his forehead on mine

"I love you and I'm proud of what you did out there, we'll sort this out" I said and I could hear the fans saying aw and taking pictures.

"I'm so glad you're here I missed you so much" Swazz said, I pulled away and told him to go get his hand sorted out and change his clothes.

I walked over to Nate and gave him a hug too.

"You're amazing you know that?" I said to him and he cracked a smile.

"They're my family I would die for them" Nate said and mine and the rest of the girl's hearts melted.


"I'm so hungry" Dillon said when we were all on the bus after spending some time with the fans and replying to stuff on twitter, we all agreed to go out for 'in and out' because who needs diets when there's burgers am I right?

We were all seated around the table and digging into the burgers and honestly having a good time, Nate dared me to go up to the front and ask for this 50-year-old women's number for Dillon and of course I did it because I never turn down a dare. I got up and made my way over to the front and started talking to her, turns out she was Spanish and about 50 so trying to communicate with her was proving tricky, meanwhile I could hear the boys sniggering and taking snapchats. I got a video of Dillon singing and made her watch it, then started to rap along to his songs with a straw, the boys were pissing themselves and so was I. After a while she finally understood and wrote down her number, I was leant on the counter and felt someone throw a fry at my butt, I turned around and it was Swazz with a guilty look on his face him and Nate high fived. She gave me her number on a napkin and I danced back to the table, Dillon dead of laughter and embarrassment by this time. I high fived everyone and finished eating. By this time, I was hyper and ended up telling stories about my times in high school making everyone have a good time.

"Shall we bounce"

"Yeah we got to be back on the bus for 9" Swazz said.

We all left and Dillon was last out and got tapped on the shoulder by his new 50-year-old girlfriend.

"I think we will wait outside and leave you two love birds alone" Nate said and we all got outside and burst out laughing Dillon later came out with red lipstick on his cheek.

"You better run" Dillon said smiling at me. I then took off to a grassy area Nate and Swazz and everyone else after, it ended up being a massive pile on with me on the bottom.


We got back on the bus and I checked my snapchat and twitter and to my surprise all of the boys had posted on their stories of me saying how much I cheered them up it was so sweet.

"Are you coming to bed now?" Swazz said taking his shirt off and putting out his blunt.

"Yeah are we sharing a bunk?"

"Well there is a spare one but I wanted to share" he said hugging me.

"You're cute" I said kissing his nose he laughed and I walked to the bunk

"You got a cute butt"

"A cute butt which had a fry thrown at it" I said climbing in he laughed and climbed in next to me and snuggled into my chest as I ran my fingers through his hair.

"Night everybody" I said.

"Night Y/N" they all said in their cute sleepy voices.

Me and Swazz talked for a while before we fell asleep <3

What happened at Webster hall was so fucked up and i couldn't stop thinking about poor Swazz because he looked pretty fucked up too but people often forget about him and i just wanted to hug him so bad!!! But yeah here it is hope you enjoyed, love ya! xxx

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