His favourite feature on you

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Nate- He loves your hair, he loves the colour of it and he loves playing with your hair when your trying to sleep, or when your stressed because it relaxes you. He also nags you to let him plait it because he loves how soft it is.

Johnson- He loves your eyes he is always staring into them when your talking he says he could stare into them forever they are so beautiful.

Jack G- He loves your smile, he thinks your teeth are perfect and he hates it when your sad so he tries absolutely anything to make you smile because he loves it so much, he also has you smiling as his lockscreen on his phone so when he isnt with you he can still see it.

Sam- He loves your hands, they are so small and perfect and soft. When ever you go out you are constantly holding hands and when he is nervous or you are siting somewhere he will just play with your hands.

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