Sammy *request*

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This is a request for Smogel you should go check her stuff out its really good, hope this isn't too shitty love ya

Sammy pov

Only and hour till I go and pick up my date I'm soo nervous I asked her a couple of weeks ago and I've been thinking about it ever since, I've liked her for a long time now she's in my biology class and we have been partners a couple of times but I've never had enough courage to ask her out. So I thought homecoming would be the perfect opportunity.

Nate came round earlier so we could get ready together and I'm glad he did because I have lost the ability to tie a tie, but we are all dressed and ready to go now, we are going in my landrover.

We had picked up Nates girlfriend and she was in the back because she is best friends with Meghann my date.
My breathing is getting a little heavier now, why am I so god damm nervous?

We pulled up on her driveway.
"Go get her tiger" Nate said turning off the engine.
I let out a nervous laugh and made my way to the door and knocked.
The door clicked and I looked up, my eyes fixed on her blue ones, and I felt my jaw drop looking at her. Her dark blue dress fit her perfectly and it flowed down to the marble floor, her ginger hair that I love so much was resting on her shoulders in bouncy curls, I thought by this time I should proably say something and stop looking at her.

"You look amazing" I said and she smiled.
"You scrub up well" she said stepping out and giggling.
Our hands connected and we walked to the car, I opened the door for her and she climbed in and sat next to her friend.

We walked in and were greeted by the Jacks and their dates, the music was pretty shitty but that's expected, never the less we had an amazing time, she can't dance to save her life but seeing her try was adorable and funny.

I hope this isn't the last night we are going to spend together I think I'm falling in love with her.

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