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This is for @VictoriaJohnson1996 I am so sorry about leaving it this long hope you like it !

Victoria's POV

Nate's been on tour for almost 2 months now and I haven't been able to see him in so long and it's finally really getting to me, he calls me everyday and texts me but I just miss him being here.

I was running late for work today, I only work at an ice cream shop down by Venice beach, Nate says that I should just quit my job because he can pay all my bills and get me whatever I want but I don't want him to provide everything I can support myself, also I love the free samples, Nate used to come down late at night after we'd closed and I'd let him have whatever he wanted, God I miss those days.

I grabbed a granola bar and checked myself out in the mirror, I was wearing high wasted jean shorts and a white and black striped crop top, and my red converse to go with my red lipstick, my brown hair was in a side fishtail showing my highlights off perfectly.
I stepped out the door and knocked over a bag that was sitting on my porch it was a Victoria Secret bag, I looked inside and saw a beautiful white bikini with a note,

Good morning gorgeous! I'm so sorry I can't see you but I got Madison to drop this off for you have fun love and miss you Nate xxxxx

I almost started to cry at how cute it was but at how much I missed having him here. I picked it up and walked to my car and put it on the black seat, I turned up the radio and drove to work.
I loved working at the ice cream shop it was so beautiful and everyone was always so happy and nice must be something in the ocean.

"Victoria are you okay locking up tonight I need to go pick up my niece from cheer practice?" My boss Annie said at about 8:00.

"Yeah of course see you tomorrow !" I said as she took off her apron and left.

The music was turned up and I was cleaning the tables singing along to 'The Way- Ariana Grande' this was mine and Nates favourite song to sing together.

"You're a princess to the public but freak when it's ti-

"NATE!!!!" I screamed as I heard him singing and he was standing there with tulips in his hands.

"Oh my god I missed you so much lil ma" he said lifting me up and spinning me around, he put me down and our lips crashed together, his arms still tightly around my waist

"I love you so much" I said when we finally pulled away for air.

"I love you too" he smiled revealing his dimple.

"I don't suppose I could offer you in some ice cream?" I said laughing.

"When have I ever turned down ice cream ?!" Nate said putting the tulips
down and pulling up a chair.


We'd been eating ice cream and talking and laughing for about an hour before Nate said,"did you get anything in the mail today ?" With a smirk

"Oh yes I forgot to thank you it's so gorgeous, you know how long I've been eyeing that up?!'" I kissed him on the cheek and put the spoons in the bin and wiped the table again.

"Anything for my princess, but since you know have a brand new bathing suit would you like to try it out ?" He said getting up and looking out the window out to the beach.

"it's like 9:30 I'll freeze" I said

"Then I'll keep you warm" his arms snaked around my waist and his head leaned on my shoulder.

"well alright then, have you got something to wear because I bought mine ?"

"Yeah I put them in your car along with a towel and hoodie " he said picking up all his stuff ready to leave.

"Well aren't you the organised one, I didn't know you still had my spare key ?" I locked up the shop and Nate interlocked his hand with mine on the way to the car.

"Yeah and it finally came in useful"

"Last one in has to pay for the Macdonalds on the way home" Nate frantically said whilst taking off his shirt and shoes.

"that's not fair I have more things to take off and put on !" I said trying to untie my shoes,  I knew I should of worn my vans today.

"Then don't put anything back on" he smirked and put all of his stuff to the side

"You're so inappropriate" I laughed before tying the strings on the top of the bikini. Nate was too busy looking so I took my chance and bolted towards the waves.

"hey that's not fair!" Nate wined and sprinted after me.

He ran up behind me and swept me off my feet and carried me deeper into the sea, it was so calm and the moonlight bounced off the ripples.

"Damn I forgot how beautiful your eyes are they look so green here" he said still out of breath, I took this chance to splash a lot of water in his face, and attempt to run away as best I could in water

"Oh it is so on" Nate said facing me
"Try me bitch " I laughed.
"Can we go get food now I'm so hungry" I said into Nates ear as I was now getting a piggy back ride.

"For sure babe" he carried me out the sea and placed me back by our bags, he put his clothes back on and so did I.

"You're missing something" Nate said looking me up and down.

"Macdonalds?" I said aware of my rumbling stomach.

"Nope, I think it's this" he pulled out his Nebraska hoodie (my favourite) and put it over my head.

"I love this hoodie " I almost squealed then started walking back to the car,

"Not as much as I love you"

"Well ain't someone being cute " I said always rely on me to ruin a romantic moment, Nate got in on the drivers side and I put my feet up on the passengers side dash and turned on some of my old favourite songs, we talked ate Macdonalds then went home. He was only staying for one night but damn was it perfect.

A/N hope you like it !! It's 12:45 AM so sorry if there's any mistakes haha

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