Sammy *request*

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This is a request for @myles_lil_hyphy sorry it took me so incredibly long I've just been so busy with hw hope you like it !

Sammy pov

I gently and slowly opened my eyes and my senses came to life. My ears were going wild with the sound of Victoria breathing, and the birds chirping and the faint murmur of the radio playing in the other room, everything was perfect for once.

Her head was rested on my chest her beautiful brown hair draped over me, I brushed my hands through it while she slept so softly. I watched as her chest rose and fell as she breathed and how her eyes flickerd around while she was dreaming. I normally spend my mornings like this and this how I always want to wake up, with her in my arms.

Her gorgeous brown eyes flickerd open and she lifted her head up and looked at me.

"Good morning beautiful" I faintly whispered and kissed her on her forehead.

After laying in bed talking to each other about everything and nothing we finally decided to get up and get breakfast.

"Your chauffeur awaits madame" I said turning around so she could get on my back, she giggled and showed that beautiful smile I fell in love with, and got on so I proceeded down to the kitchen.
I sat her down on the countertop and turned the radio up louder as I got the pans out ready to make pancakes, our all time favourite breakfasts.
She looked so perfect sitting there swaying to the music with her eyes closed. I forgot what I was doing and ended up burning the pancake.

"Do I smell burning Sammy ?" Victoria said smirking.

"Um no I don't know what your talking about." I said but she saw right through my lies.

"Come here" she said taking the pan and starting a new batch.

We finished cooking and sat down on the floor in a fort we made the day before, I set up Netflix and we started watching sponge bob. The way her lips curled when she smiled and how she threw her head back when she laughed made me fall more and more in love with her.
This is the girl I want to marry.

Hope you like it, kind of different but thought it would be good to try something new.

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