What he says about you in an interview

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Interviewer- So Nate, recently you announced you were
dating (Y/N) what was the fans reaction?

Nate- um, at first they were really upset and were kinda hating on (Y/N) but we started doing videos together and she's really blowing up on vine and people now are really accepting and are really sweet and they love her for her talent and amazing personality and obviously her beautiful face and body so yea I love her so much and I hope she doesn't listen to the hate because we all love her especially me.

Interviewer- So I have decided to take some questions off twitter that the fans want to know about (Y/N) because I feel we don't really know a lot about her and who better to ask then her boyfriend.

Jack- oh cool maybe we should make a youtube video

Interviewer - lots of them said that actually, Anyway first question what's (Y/N) favourite candy or meal?

Jack- oh that's easy favourite candy would be ♡♡♡ and meal would be pizza and we actually make pizza together all the time because (Y/N) is an amazing cook so we cook together a lot

Interviewer- aw that's so sweet, What's one thing (Y/N) couldn't live without, apart from you

Jack- um I'm gonna have to say music because she is constantly listing to music or singing and we are always having rap battles or jamming out together so yes I'm gonna say music

Interviewer- What's your favourite and least favourite thing about (Y/N)?

Jack- just one favourite thing god I can't just pick one thing I love everything about her, laugh smile, voice, looks, humor, personality her beautiful face and body, um I'm just going to say everything I can't pick

Interviewer- that is the cutest thing, what about least favourite?

Jack- uumm, oh I don't like it when she talks bad about herself or thinks she fat, because I and many other people thinks she so perfect, wow this is soppy but yea

Jack G
Interviewer- I don't think it would be right if we didn't talk about (Y/N) I mean she is gorgeous and so funny, did you know you guys are pretty much relationship goals ?

Jack- hehe, um we are quite public with our relationship I guess, and when I read the comments the fans are always saying aw so sweet or relationship goals or something and it's really nice to see

Interviewer- So do you get any hate about it still?

Jack- of corse we are always gonna get hate no matter what, that's life. But I really love her and the fans really love her too because they know who she is and they think she is so funny and cool as do I

Interviewer- I must admit I watch her vines or he snap chats and they never fail to make me laugh you are a very funny couple


Interviewer- So Sam besides from music you are doing really well for modelling right now ?

Sam- yea I don't know if you have seen but I have been doing loads of photo shoots with my gorgeous girlfriend (Y/N)

Interviewer- yes I have she is such a stunning girl and her body is just, she is amazing

Sam- yea she does lots of modelling on her own and we are starting to do some together and I really love doing them but obviously it's so hard to concentrate sometimes because she is just so gorgeous and I want to look at her but I can't and it's yea it's amazing though

Interviewer- aw, so (Y/N) is a very very stunning girl, do you get like jealous and protective of her and what was it like bringing her to meet the boys for the first time?

Sam- yea I do get protective and kind of annoyed when people flirt or stare but I know she is loyal and she's mine I wouldn't let anyone else touch her so yea, the first time I brought (Y/N) to meet the Jacks and Nate and Nash and everybody they all kind of winked and flirted a bit and gave glances but I know they were just messing and stuff and sometimes they will like put their arm around her because they know it pisses me off but I know they wouldn't do anything their my best friends

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