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The transgender flag is a flag of five stripes, all different colors but with a specific pattern on it

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The transgender flag is a flag of five stripes, all different colors but with a specific pattern on it.

The literal definition of transgender is:

"denoting or relating to a person whose gender identity does not correspond with the sex registered for them at birth."

In lamest terms, this basically means that you have changed your gender. You are not cisgender (meaning you don't identify as the same gender that you were given at birth), but transgender.

Transgender people can identify as any gender they want, except for their original gender. They can use any pronouns, despite their original gender.

Genderfluid people are transgender, because they identify as all genders. People that identify as genders like genderqueer and non-binary are also transgender.

There are generally two different types of transgender people. Going from female to male (ftm) and going from male to female (mtf). Ftm means female to male and mtf means male to female.

Transgender people have lots of options open to them. They can choose to go through with the transitioning process, or they can choose to stay in the body they were born with.

There are surgeries and processes that trans people can go through with. Although these options are open to them, again, they can choose to not go through with it. Doing this does NOT make them any less of a man, woman, or whatever they choose to identify as. It makes them human. We all have our phobias and fears, surgery might be one that these people have and that is completely okay.

Some of these processes are things like taking estrogen/testosterone (female and male hormones). Some of these surgeries are things like getting your genitalia switched, bottom surgery, or getting your breasts cut off, top surgery.

ALL trans people are valid. Even if they want to be femme presenting and a boy, or even if they want to be masc presenting and a girl. All that matters is that you're happy.

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