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The bicurious is a striped flag consisting of seven stripes

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The bicurious is a striped flag consisting of seven stripes. The first, a thicker stripe that's a more violet-ish lighter purple, the second, light pink, the third, a slightly lightly pink, the fourth, a thicker stripe of white, the fifth, a light blue, the sixth, a little bit darker, and the last, a thicker stripe of blue.

There might be other versions, but all that came up for me was the bisexual flag, and they are not the same, so I didn't want to put it in here.

Bicurious is what you would call a heterosexual woman who is still very interested in men, but is open to the idea of experimenting or engaging in sexual activity with the same gender.

Bicuriousity is most common in heterosexual individuals who are looking for something new and are open to the idea of experimenting with the same gender. But, just like everything else, it's okay to identify as something different and still feel compelled to identify as Bicurious. It does not make you any less valid!

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