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• Sexualities and Genders •

There are many different sexualities and genders out there

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There are many different sexualities and genders out there. So many, I don't even think I could cover them all! That's why I'm going to make it an option to request a gender or sexuality that I haven't done yet. Any sexuality or gender that you want to see in here that you've noticed I haven't gone over, let me know!

I apologize in advance for any misconceptions or misunderstandings I might have about any of these! Please, tell me and I will look into it!

Before you get into the book, here's a reminder that I am not by any means perfect or an expert at this or always entirely correct, so please, again, don't feel bad for correcting me! I am strongly urging you to correct me if you notice a mistake. I'm human and I screw up, so I'm letting you know that it's okay and you're allowed to help those who need it.

Enjoy reading!

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