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Pokémon Oneshots by LovableGlaceon
Pokémon Oneshotsby Juniper
This will be just trainers. I will take requests, I won't do lemons because eww and ehhhh gross. I will try to write gender neutral or just do something like (pronoun) a...
Agender Problems (And other Non-Binary Genders) by Genderless_Writer
Agender Problems (And other Kaia
Just a bunch of problems in life.
LGBTQ+™ by -yellOWch-
LGBTQ+™by p r i d e
» #1 sexualities 27/09/18 « "All for love and love for all" The world around me today is crumbling to pieces, but at the same time becoming aware and welcoming...
Feminism isn't Man Hating by Changing-the-World
Feminism isn't Man Hatingby ~Ava~
Seeing a feminist one assumes they must be against men. That is a complete lie. Feminism means balance not superiority.
Guide to Sexualities, Genders, and Pride Flags by FriendsOfTheLgbt
Guide to Sexualities, Genders, a friend
though not the first of its kind on wattpad, this a book that will give a history of different pride flags, and sexualities♡
Chloe and there friends by Jade_Heasman
Chloe and there friendsby Yeetus Fetus
Hola! Bonjour! Ciao! Namaste! Hello! Guten Tag! These are some of my days at school. The name of the chapters are the POVs.
what's on my mind?? by tiredenergydrink
what's on my mind??by robin
Well, this is some stupid shit that's on my mind.. There will probably be some questions or polls too..? Like questions about sexuality and genders, friends and love...
Don't judge people by how they are... by Nerds_Unite
Don't judge people by how they Nerds_Unite
This story represents how I think of people when they judge other people in various ways... and these might be short but they mean a lot
gay by Brunettes_Mess
gayby 🌜eden🌛
It's here and it's queer
Big brother 2.0! by ThewalkingEddie
Big brother 2.0!by ThewalkingEddie
A show of drama and Love!
Anon's Gallery of Special Snowflakes [ 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐭𝐞 ] by bananashavenobones
Anon's Gallery of Special boi—
(original idea from a tumblr) a thousand genders and sexualities they say. it's going to be a wild ride. WARNING: cringe ahead and not good to read in large quantities #...
My life is a lie by helpmeplzomgiamdying
My life is a lieby My naked bum hole
If you want to know what a edgy teen feels like read this my dude and get caner with me.
SLAY|fcs by leejwrites-
SLAY|fcsby Lee Al Ocean J.
i'm tired of always seeing the same conventionally attractive white cis people in the fc books so here ya go cover credits:
Dorkerina by ReadyToPounce
Dorkerinaby Angel With A Shotgun
He wore black lggings and a light pink shirt. His wire-rimmed glasses balanced on his face, threatening to fall off. Outside in the cold autumn air, his slicked back cho...
Random Stuff by MALEC-FEELS
Random Stuffby LA 치킨 갱스터 - 마크 이엔 투안
This is just for when I want to share random things.
Pride wallpapers by JoKleiss
Pride wallpapersby depre_ssedsociopathjk
Basically the title. Pride wallpapers, if you want them different just comment your gender and/or sexuality and I'll make them different. There will be one hundred diffe...
Xenogenders!!!!  by Cat1nH4t
Xenogenders!!!! by Prince
I'm gonna be posting about xenogenders and explaining stuff about this so that people can learn, don't be mean about it or you'll be blocked And reported.
My Journey (so far) by Shut_Up_Kaeden
My Journey (so far)by ★ Kaeden ★
Just a little vent book about my life.