Playing the Piano

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Niall woke up and rolled over fully expecting to run into his Mum but what he found instead was something cushioned but solid, what? Opening his eyes he practically burst into tears when he saw that he was in his cot. Why was he in his cot? Why wasn't he sleeping with his Mum or Dad? He always slept with one of them. Had he done something wrong?

Niall frantically looked around his cot hoping that maybe one of his parents were with him or at least next to the cot. Sadly no, Niall was all-alone. Niall whimpered slightly, he didn't want to be alone. As he started shifting around trying to stand his hand ran into his friend.

"Stitch!" Niall exclaimed, "You stayed"

Niall hurriedly snatched Stitch and clutched him close, "I'll never let you go" he assured. "I'll never forget you or get tired of you even if I'm busy, I promise" Niall sighed as he held Stitch, "I screwed up. I was too bad. Mummy and Daddy left me again" Niall told his friend. "Why do people always leave me? What did I do that was so bad? I promise I didn't mean it" he started crying.

Liam and Zayn both had baby monitors in their room and found themselves in tears as they bumped into each other as they ran to their baby boy.

"We're right here baby" Zayn said as he picked Niall out of the cot.

"We're never leaving you honey, we never would" Liam promised as he joined Zayn in comforting their little boy.

Niall was amazed that they had come back. They hadn't left! They hadn't forgot him! He was ecstatic, He wrapped his arms and legs around his daddy and refused to let go.

Five hours later and Niall still refused to let go of his parents. Zayn and Liam felt horrible, they hadn't known that their baby felt this way; it broke their heart. After everything the two had thought that Niall was starting to trust them; to believe that they would never abandon him. Guess none of them truly understood how deep Niall's wounds went.

At lunch Niall burst into tears when he was forcibly removed from his Mummy's lap and strapped into his highchair. Thankfully they allowed Stitch to stay with him - not that they had much of a choice seeing as it was either let the lad keep the toy or Stitch looses an arm. Niall steadfastly refused all food that his Mum and Dad tried to feed him even going so far as accidentally knocking a spoonful onto the floor.

"I'm sorry" Niall exclaimed in tears once again.

"It's alright love" Liam tried to reassure. He knew that Niall hadn't done it on purpose; he'd just been shaking his head no at the same time Zayn was trying to bring the spoon to his mouth. It had been bound to happen sometime.

Zayn sighed and wiped the bit of potato from his cheek before giving in. "Tell you what, how about a bottle and a nap?" he asked his little one.

Niall hesitated before nodding and reaching his arms up for his Daddy to take him. If he held onto his Daddy long enough and hard enough then he would have someone to sleep on. And someone there when he woke up.

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