A Day Out

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As the morning went on Liam had to admit that he was becoming a little jealous of Paul. Niall had been lively and active around Paul or the fans - really anyone other than the boys.

The boys had visited the local museums and the art gallery and the beach was their last stop because they had run out of places to go near enough to the bus for Paul's comfort. Every museum they went to Liam made sure that he had Niall by the hand so that the boy wouldn't get lost.

Liam had made sure to offer Niall food approximately every thirty minutes - nothing big just a few grapes here a pack of gummies there. Typically Niall would turn down all offers but he usually accepted the grapes or the fruit making Liam take a mental note to get more.

Niall had been enjoying his day. He loved being around Paul, the man had always been fun to hang around. Paul was the one person who hadn't changed in all of this. Paul was there because he was paid but he also was a lot of fun to tease and play around with.

The beach was the best. It has been so long since he'd been to the beach and he loved to swim. The biggest issue was that Liam wasn't letting Niall go to far. Niall was a wonderful swimmer and he loved to be in the water but Liam was extremely controlling. On numerous occasions Liam had physically stopped Niall from going in deeper than his waist. It was a stupid and pointless concern in Niall's eyes but Liam just wasn't letting up.

Eventually Niall got sick of it and got out of the water choosing to pester Paul instead. It was amusing to see how far he could annoy the man before Paul decided to step in. Niall particularly loved it because he could be as cheeky as he wanted and he and Paul always got a good kick out of it.

About half an hour later everyone wanted to leave the beach except for Niall. He was having actual fun for the first time in a long time. Unfortunately for Niall he didn't have any say in the matter though that's not to say he didn't try. As everyone started to head towards the van Niall had other ideas.

"Niall let's go" Louis called from the side of the van.

Niall stopped where he was and refused to move.

"Niall" Harry called.

Niall didn't want to leave the beach; he was having fun with Paul so instead of going towards the van as he was told he gave Paul a small smirk and started to run the other direction.

"Niall!" Liam had yelled completely terrified that something would happen to Niall if the lad got too far. He should have never let Niall alone!

Niall made it about halfway down the beach before Paul caught up with him. "Gotcha" Paul joked as he picked Niall up and started carrying him towards the boys.

"No Paul" Niall complained squirming around trying to get free.

"I'd stop squirming" Paul warned.

"No" Niall said smiling.

"OK then I warned you" Paul said turning Niall around and digging into his sides.

Niall yelped in surprise before he started giggling like mad. This was one of the reasons he enjoyed being around Paul - the man could always make him laugh.

Paul carried Niall back to the Liam while ticking him the entire time. The boys were all absolutely stunned to hear Niall laughing so freely, especially after the boy had been absolutely silent for the past day and a half.

"Alright you, time to head back" Paul said dropping Niall in front of Liam.

Liam put Niall into the van and buckled him in before climbing in next to him. As soon as Niall had been given to Liam the boy had sobered up and fallen back into his silent and docile routine. It hurt Liam to see Niall like this after having watched him be so happy just seconds ago with Paul.

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