Movie Night

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So I have a few more parts written but I would love to hear your opinions or ideas. Any feedback helps. Thanks.

Niall ate about a quarter of his food before pushing the plate away again as he was full.

All the boy’s looked up as Niall pushed his plate away again. Harry went to say something but Liam shushed him silently. Liam had a feeling he knew why Niall wasn’t so hungry and they only had themselves to blame for it.

Everyone finished eating shortly and Louis cleaned up the table as Harry took Niall and a bottle of juice and took both to the couch in the TV room. “Here baby” Harry said as he sat down with Niall in his lap and handed the boy his bottle.

Niall took the bottle from Harry, drank a little of it before handing it back and then sliding off of Harry’s lap. Niall was surprised that he had been given a bottle but then today had been full of surprises however he knew that as soon as all the boys were done cleaning the kitchen they would all be heading back here. When all the boys settled into the couches they would find something to watch or do that was ‘inappropriate’ for Niall and kick him out. Niall was just going to avoid the inevitable and head up to his corner now.

Liam and Louis stopped in the hall when they saw Niall heading their way, “Where are you off to?” Louis asked curiously.

Niall didn’t respond, he just moved towards the stairs. Louis and Harry both went to intercept but Liam held them back. None of the boys had seen much of Niall since the tour started but Niall had been on the bus leading Liam to wonder where it was that Niall had been hanging out.

The boys all hung back as Niall went to his hideaway and Liam explained why he didn’t want to stop Niall immediately. Niall made his way straight to his corner and put on his headphones fully ready to immerse himself in his music. If Niall were honest, while all this attention from the boys today had been nice and he felt a lot better than he had in days he still wanted a break. Niall had been left on his own for over a month now and he was used to his alone time, being around the boys as much as he had today was already grating on his nerves and he just needed time to clear his head. Sighing, Niall was about to pull out his notebook (he’d been drawing for years now only he’d wasn’t one to show off his work so no one knew about it not even the boys) but froze when the door opened.

“Niall?” Zayn called as he came into the room. The boys had been searching the upstairs looking for Niall after they had let the boy find his hide away. The storage room was the last place they had to check so Niall had to be in here.

“Did you find him?” Louis asked coming into the room.

“Not yet” Zayn shook his head.

“He has to be in here, this is the last place,” Harry said joining the search.

Niall looked up as a shadow was cast over him, “Found him” Liam called as he reached down and picked Niall up, “Hey there baby” he smiled.

Niall didn’t understand, why had the boys come looking for him? The boys were the ones who kicked Niall out of the rest of the bus why were they suddenly looking for him now?

Niall was carried back down to the TV room and placed on Liam’s lap while the rest of the boys surrounded him.

“So, what would you like to do this evening?” Harry asked happily, smiling at Niall.

Niall just blinked in response as he tried to figure this out. Why did the boys care what he wanted to do? He had been sitting in his corner about to start drawing, that’s what he wanted to do and they wouldn’t let him.

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