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Niall woke up groggily, sighing as he saw he was back in the cot – that hadn’t been part of his plan. Why had they put him back in here? Why had they gotten so mad? Why did they still pretend to care? Niall had been sure that once he had taken himself out of age play that Liam and Zayn would let him alone. It wasn’t as though they actually wanted to do this still, they couldn’t.

As far as Niall could tell Liam and Zayn had only been continuing this whole age-play thing because they felt obligated after being the ones to start it. He had always known that once the tour started up again everyone would go back to ignoring him. He had allowed himself to be fooled these past ten days because he had wanted to believe that they truly cared for him but he knew it was just a fantasy, no one ever cared for Niall.

The fact that they had come looking for him after just a couple of hours had been extremely surprising especially since they should have been asleep at the time. Why had they come for him? Why had they punished him? Why had they put him back in a nappy? Most importantly, why had they said they loved him? And they sounded like they meant it.

Sighing as he realized that he just didn’t understand any of this Niall rolled over onto his back so that he could sit up. The second his bum touched the mattress however he hissed in pain and turned on his side.

Liam heard Niall through the baby monitor and hurried to get him. He was worried about his baby boy and he didn’t want to leave the lad alone for too long incase he tried to pull something like he had earlier that morning.

“Hey baby boy,” Liam cooed as he started to unlock the latches on the cot.

“You locked it?” Niall asked incredulously.

Liam gave Niall a rather tired look; “You let yourself out of your cot”

“I don’t want to be in a cot” Niall replied simply.

Liam sighed, “Niall, this isn’t up to you” he said as he picked the lad up and carried him over to the bed where there was a changing mat laid out. “You wet love?”

Niall squirmed as he was set down on his stomach. Liam had put him in a footed onesie that zipped in the back so that he couldn’t take it off by himself. Soon Niall felt the clothing come off and he was flipped around so that he was lying on his back.

“Ah” Niall gasped as his backside touched the bed. He quickly made to turn on his side but Liam held him still.

“I need to change you baby”

“No” Niall complained as he tried to break himself free of Liam’s grasp.

“Niall stop this” Liam warned. He knew why Niall didn’t want to be on his back however it was the lad’s fault that he had a soar bum so he’d just have to live with it.

“No” Niall argued as he started kicking out.

Liam had just managed to get Niall’s nappy off when the boy started kicking. Sick of the fight Liam merely grabbed ahold of Niall’s ankles and held his legs up as he wiped him off. Liam could still see a bit of red from the spanking earlier but otherwise Niall was completely fine.

As soon as Niall was dressed Liam lifted the boy up and started carrying him into the kitchen. Liam went to set Niall down in his highchair only to have Niall start to push and shove at him trying to get away.

“Niall, what are you doing?” Zayn asked coming into the room, “We do not fight Mummy”

“No” Niall said again. Honestly Liam was starting to wonder if that was the only word that Niall knew at the moment and he was becoming sick of it.

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