Getting Ready for a Day Out

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Niall woke up and stretched, or tried to stretch. He hit his arms on the sides of his cot and sat up rubbing his eyes. Sleeping on a bed is so much more comfortable than sleeping on the floor; he had to admit. Yesterday had been… different. There were parts of the day that had been nice such as getting changed, bathed, fed and even getting to watch a movie.

Yesterday also had some downfalls. He wasn’t able to get any time to himself, which was an issue seeing as how he’d grown used to being alone. Also as nice as yesterday was Niall knew that it wouldn’t last so there was no point in expecting it. Sooner or later the boys would become bored of him once again.

Liam had surprised him though, with the apology. No one had ever apologized to him before and it was different, nice though.

“Hey sleepyhead” Liam said coming up to Niall’s cot and letting the boy out. Liam put his hand on Niall’s nappy, “You wet?”

Niall just stayed silent, yes he had to go but his instincts are still to hold it in as long as possible.

“You need to go love” Liam tried to coax. He understood what Niall was doing and why but that didn’t mean it was all right. It wasn’t healthy for Niall to hold it in, “Just go love, I promise I’ll change you right away”

There was that word again, promise. Niall wasn’t sure that he could trust anyone’s promises. Still, he really had to go and Liam probably wasn’t going to let him down until he had. Sighing he was surprised at how uncomfortable it felt.

Liam felt the nappy grow warm and smiled a little, Niall may not like it but it was better this way. “Very good baby” he praised.

Wanting to keep his promise and also knowing that it was best for Niall, Liam carried the boy to the bathroom and changed him quickly taking note that the rash seemed to be starting to heal.

Once changed Liam put Niall in some day clothes and strapped him into his highchair for breakfast.

“So what are we up to today?” Zayn asked coming into the kitchen and sitting down to the right of Niall.

“I was thinking we could do some sight seeing since it’s out last day here” Harry suggested as he brought the eggs and bacon over to the table.

“That sounds like fun” Louis agreed.

“Yeah, but we need to be back in time for Niall’s nap” Liam said.

“Sounds like a plan then” Zayn agreed putting a place of food in front of Niall.

Niall was relieved as he listened to the boys discuss their plans for the day. He would have plenty of time to himself while the others were out. There was also a chance that he wouldn’t be left alone all day if Liam remembered him and came back.

“You need to eat baby,” Harry said brining Niall out of his thoughts.

Niall looked down at the food in front of him and sighed. He had filled himself yesterday and he really didn’t have room for any more food. Making his decision he pushed the food away.

Liam couldn’t help how guilty he felt right now. Niall had been starving that first meal and had shoved the food down his throat but after that he hadn’t been hungry. Niall has probably been living off of a sandwich and an apple a week if Liam was right. Forcing all of this food down Niall’s throat wasn’t going to do anything but cause the boy to puke. Still though Niall did need to eat something as they were going to have a busy day and then Liam would bring along various snacks for the boy to have throughout the day.

“Niall, you have to eat something” Zayn encouraged as he pushed the plate back in front of Niall.

Niall though didn’t want the food. Normally he’d just sit quietly but he was upset at the boys, they had ignored him for weeks and then now they expect him to bend over backwards and do as they say when he knew that he didn’t want to eat.

“Here babe” Liam said sensing a fight coming from the silent boy, “Just try a few bites and then you can be done”

Niall looked at Liam for a few moments, sizing him up. Eventually he relented knowing that taking just a few bites was something that he could handle and it would get the boys off his back.

Louis shot Liam a questioning look as Niall debated his options. Liam just shushed his silently and pointed to the now eating boy.

After Niall had eaten three bites he pushed his plate away again and wasn’t bothered any longer. Unfortunately for him he couldn’t just get up and go to his corner since he was strapped into his seat.

The boys all finished their breakfast while discussing where it was that they wanted to go. Once finished Harry and Louis started cleaning the kitchen, Zayn went to call Paul and tell them their plans and Liam got a bottle for Niall.

“Alright love just drink what you can” Liam said as he set the bottle on Niall’s tray.  Normally Liam would feed Niall the bottle himself but he needed to pack a backpack with snacks, bottles, nappies, cream and other necessities for Niall while they were gone.

Niall stared at the bottle in front of him. He was a little thirsty and Liam had said that he only had to drink as much as he could not all of it. It was obvious that the boys weren’t going to let him out anytime soon. Niall just hoped that they let him out of this chair before they left.

Liam finished packing and turned to Niall to see the boy slowly sipping at his bottle. He smirked at his small victory as he went over to let Niall out of his seat. “Do you need a change love?”

Niall didn’t say anything as Liam lifted him up, he was in a fresh nappy and he actually didn’t have to go to the bathroom. He couldn’t help but smile a little at that as he sipped on the orange juice.

Liam counted it as a small victory when he noticed Niall’s smile granted it only lasted for a millisecond and it was almost unnoticeable but it had been there.

Just as Niall placed his mostly full bottle onto the table apparently done with it there was a knock at the door. “I’ll get it” Liam called out as he set Niall down and then took hold of his hand. Every time that Niall had been left on his own for even a second the boy had tried to go off to the storage room so Liam had made it his personal mission to either have a hold of Niall in some way or have Niall stuck in the room until he could be let out for the foreseeable future.

“Hey Paul” Liam greeted as he opened the door.

“Liam” Paul said, “Niall”

“Hey Paul” Niall greeted.

All of the boys froze and turned to stare at Niall. That was the first time they’d heard him say anything in over a day and it was to Paul.

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