Niall's Answer

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This chapter has few words. It focuses on Niall's opinion on the age play and what the boys have said. A lot of writing - little talking. Sorry but it is one of few.

Niall squirmed in Zayn’s lap, he didn’t like the question and yet he’d been telling all the boys he didn’t want to do this. He should just tell Simon that no he didn’t like the age play, that he wanted nothing more than to go back to the way things were before. Only one problem with that, he wasn’t sure he believed it.

Niall needed time to clear his head and think through his answer, he was finding it difficult to do so with everyone staring at him.

“Alone deal?” Niall asked Liam.

Liam sighed, he had figured this was coming but they were all discussing this and Niall needed to participate. “Sorry love but no. You need to talk to us”

Niall pouted at the ruling but he begrudgingly admitted that he understood. Everyone was sitting here discussing things openly and he had to participate. Niall sighed as he realized that the age play really had given him a good reason not to have to sit through these types of meetings.

Agitated at having to stay here Niall turned his head into Zayn’s chest as he tried to drown out the other boys and listen to the music. He needed to clear his head, he wanted to answer Simon’s question honestly and accurately.

What did he think of the age play? That was a tough question. He had listened patiently while the other boys had spoken, debating if he thought that they were being honest or lying through their teeth. Unfortunately he hadn’t been able to detect much lying, he was actually rather good at reading people. Deciding to break apart each speech Niall started with Harry.

He had been known to lock himself away in his room whenever he was feeling nervous or stressed. Well all right he had locked himself in his way room at least four to five hours a day when they weren’t working (not including the night hours when all the boys were asleep). Maybe it wasn’t seen as completely healthy to stay on his own so much but he was quite used to it. Niall had been alone for a large portion of his life. His mother had enrolled him in online school instead of sending him to school so Niall had been made to spend every day at home, as his mother’s punching bag.

His mother’s motivation had been to have an ever-present stress reliever whom she didn’t have to be careful with. Because he wasn’t in school and he never went out his mother could beat him anywhere, play any ‘games’ that she wanted and no one would be the wiser. Niall had scurried to the backyard as often as possible, wanting to be alone and far away from his mother.

His father had made him live in the tool shed behind the house. Niall had been allowed in for an hour a day to complete his assignments online and then he was kicked back out. Niall never had any visitors but he could come and go as he pleased. Unfortunately not many people were too keen on talking to a boy dressed in rage, was skin and bone and clearly looked as though he lived on the streets. Niall had a lot of alone time.

After being placed in the band all the boys had moved into one house together. It was the first time in his life that Niall had a bed. Niall hadn’t decorated his room; he’d never saw a reason to. Out of habit Niall had kept to his room constantly but slowly Liam and Zayn had coaxed him to come out at least part of the time. Once age play started all of that changed.

Now… well he still loved his time alone I mean he really loved it, craved it. However he found himself needing less and less of it and desiring to spend more time curled up in someone’s lap. Where he was right now, curled up into Zayn, he would want to stay there forever if he thought he could get away with it. Zayn was still rubbing his back and Liam was still kneading his knee, this was nice. Niall knew that if the age play stopped he’d never seek this out, he’d go back to hiding away in his room – where it was safe. Wasn’t as though anyone was going to come looking for him anyways.

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