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Fixing Mistakes (Baby Niall) by Connorperry42
Fixing Mistakes (Baby Niall)by Connorperry42
Niall was having a hard time so the boys made him their baby however the stress from touring gets to them and they forget what they've done. Now that things are cooling...
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Story Of My Life by -NewRules-
Story Of My Lifeby -NewRules-
Niall Horan has it all. At fourteen years of age he's part of the biggest boyband in the world, has four amazing brothers who he looks up to and a million girls at his f...
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School for Babies? by UltimateCookieGirl
School for Babies?by UltimateCookieGirl
Harry Styles wasn't expecting to be sent to boarding school at the age of 13. Although his family had been acting strange since he turned 12. They treated him like a bab...
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I'll hold the pieces together by Aliceinwonder1997
I'll hold the pieces togetherby Aliceinwonder
Liam starts to notice weird child like things happening with Niall. What happens when Niall accidentally calls him daddy?
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Babysitting with Niall // niall horan by nialluur
Babysitting with Niall // niall daniela
Exactly how did Noelle end up babysitting the nephew of her favorite childhood band member? © nialluur 2018
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Frozen Waves Trilogy by zaynskingdom
Frozen Waves Trilogyby X
Summary for 'Frozen Waves Trilogy': Niall and Harry are 4-year old twins. Harry is always sick, demanding time and energy from his older brothers Liam, Zayn and Louis...
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The Baby's first step  by poopyheadlol
The Baby's first step by ✨Bishhh✨
"Now Niall would you be a good boy for daddy and drink from your milk bottle" "NO,WHY ARE YOU TREATING ME LIkE A BABY?" ________________ Where Niall...
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Finding You Was So Hard by thewhimsical
Finding You Was So Hardby miranda
Niall doesn't know what he wants until he falls right into him. AU Narry age play
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The Marks You Left // niall horan  by nialluur
The Marks You Left // niall horan by daniela
If Elle knew all along, why did she take so long to tell Niall? © nialluur 2018-19 Book Two of BWN Series
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Baby Nialler by dracoskissesx
Baby Niallerby dracoskissesx
Age play Niall, OTRA tour, Ziam Daddies
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Adopted by adoptedfic
Adoptedby adoptedfic
The successful age - play story, Adopted by harrywearsaflowercrown, originally posted on, is now available to read on wattpad!
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Nialler In A Basket by xDoodleQueenx
Nialler In A Basketby Megan Fox
Harry took another step forward but almost tripped over something...
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Sickfics  by Brown_Mouse
Sickfics by BrownMouse
Sickfics/hurtfics to follow! Nialler girl to the ends of the earth! Niam is my love! Will write any ship! Have a read and let me know what you think.. Comments are muc...
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Stressed out (niall ageplay) by 1Dageplaylover
Stressed out (niall ageplay)by 1Dageplaylover
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Judgement Day by UltimateCookieGirl
Judgement Dayby UltimateCookieGirl
Harry Styles was not a little. Too bad everyone else thought he was.
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Oneshots by -NewRules-
Oneshotsby -NewRules-
- Oneshots of the boys in the band - Prompts are open - Usually with Niall, Zayn or Harry as the youngest although ages differ from chapter to chapter
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Our little family (Larry Stylinson. one direction fan fiction. boyxboy. baby Niall. toddler Liam and Zayn) by I_ship_it_Larry
Our little family (Larry Stylinson
Louis and Harry have been together for 4 years now. They've been married for almost 2 years. They always talk about having kids one day, but what happens when they decid...
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One Direction Fluff (Harry and Niall centrics) by UltimateCookieGirl
One Direction Fluff (Harry and UltimateCookieGirl
Harry and Niall are the two babies of One Direction...what do they get up to? The other three will always make sure nobody will ever hurt their babies. Prompts needed :D
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Found you (baby niall) by 1Dageplaylover
Found you (baby niall)by 1Dageplaylover
One day a little boy is found on the street by four handsome guys. One direction story
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