Last Evening

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“Hey sweetheart” Zayn greeted as he woke Niall from his afternoon nap.

Niall groaned and rolled over, away from Zayn. As much as the fact that he actually feel asleep every day after lunch annoyed him greatly Niall still did not want to get up. He was comfortable and warm, why would anyone want to give that up?

Zayn chuckled, he found Niall’s antics cute but the lad did really need to get up. If Zayn let Niall sleep in now then the lad would never go to sleep at his bedtime. “I know babe” Zayn cooed softly as he plucked a pouting Niall from his cot.

Niall frowned at Zayn as he was carried into the front room and was laid out on the changing pad that was placed on the couch.

 “Let’s get you clean shall we then?” Liam asked coming into Niall’s view.

Niall stayed quiet and compliant as Liam changed him but he was a bit surprised that Zayn hadn’t just taken him to the upstairs restroom for his bath. Niall liked his bath.

“All done” Liam said happily as he gave Niall a quick kiss to his forehead and then handed him over to an awaiting Zayn as he cleaned up.

Zayn sat on the other couch and placed Niall in his lap, turning the lad to face him, “Now” he started, “I know that you typically have a bath now however since you are no longer sick and we are about to start back up on the tour I was thinking that we should move your bath back to its original time, after supper.”

Niall frowned, he really liked his bath; if it was moved to after supper would it be as long? Would Zayn let him have bubbles still? Also once the tour started back up Niall really doubted that he would get another bath any time soon.

Zayn could see the irritation on Niall’s face, “What’s going through your mind baby?”

Niall looked up to Zayn’s face, “Like the baths”

“You will still have your baths babe” Zayn tried to assure.

“Not as nice” Niall whined.

Zayn was starting to understand a little, “You will still get to stay in there as long as it’s warm”


Zayn pulled Niall close and chuckled, “Yes, there will still be bubbles”

Niall nodded at this; at least he’d have one last good bath on his last night. There was only one dilemma he had now, what the hell was he supposed to do? Niall adjusted himself on Zayn’s lap to get more comfortable as he thought out the rest of his day.

Zayn was a little surprised when Niall started wriggling around and then leaned back into him. When Niall had started moving Zayn had thought that the younger boy was trying to get away but instead he’d just wanted to cuddle closer.

As soon as Niall was comfortable he started debating what it was he wanted to do. This was important to him; it was his last evening before everything went back to the way it was before. He currently had four hours until supper and he could spend it pretty much any way he wanted. What was something that he sorely missed? Well the first thing that he missed was some time alone, yes he’d have plenty of that soon but he’d go stir-crazy without at least ten minutes to himself.

With his plan in mind Niall looked up at Liam, “Deal?” he asked only to realize that it came out a bit jumbled. Why were his words coming out strangely?

“You’re thumbs in your mouth love” Liam informed his confused baby.

Niall quickly yanked his thumb out of his mouth, how had he missed that? When did he put his thumb in his mouth? Whatever, “Deal?” he questioned again.

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