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The next day went by smoothly until Niall found out that he and Zayn would be missing rehearsals.

“I don’t need a nap!” Niall yelled at Zayn as the man tried to change him. Niall couldn’t believe this; he didn’t need to miss rehearsals so that he could take a stupid nap. This was ludicrous!

Zayn sighed in frustration. “Niall you need to take a nap”

“NO!!” Niall screamed in Zayn’s face.

Zayn had been trying to be patient, he really, really had. He understood Niall’s frustration but it was obvious that the boy did better when he’d had his afternoon nap. Finally having enough of this tantrum Zayn picked Niall up and placed him on a chair in the corner of the room. “Time out, ten minutes” he stated walking away.

“NO!” Niall screamed again as he stood up and started running for the door. He wasn’t fast enough.

Zayn scooped up a struggling Niall and landed three quick swats to his bum before sitting him back down on the chair and restarting the timer.

Niall attempted escape four more times before submitting to his fate. All in all it took half an hour before Niall was finally allowed out of the corner.

“Alright love” Zayn said coming over to Niall, “You can come out now”

Niall turned around to face Zayn; tears running down his face, “I’m sorry Daddy” he cried holding his arms up.

Zayn happily took Niall into his arms, “It’s alright baby boy. All’s forgiven”

Zayn laid Niall out on the changing mat and quickly got him into a fresh nappy before placing the exhausted lad into his cot, “Sleep well love” he said brushing Niall’s hair off of his forehead before kissing his cheek and pulling up the rails. Zayn made sure to turn on the mobile before leaving the room, setting his alarm and crashing on the couch. Having a baby was exhausting.

Zayn was startled awake half an hour later by the buzzing of his phone. “Hello” he answered groggily.

“Did I wake you?” Simon smirked.

“What? No” Zayn sat up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes, “Did you need something?”

“Yes” Simon paused, a bit nervous, “Now you know that Dr. Collins informs me of his findings the same as he is to inform you and Liam?”

“Yeah” Zayn said cautiously. Simon had informed Liam and Zayn that he would be talking to the Dr. after each session. Simon wanted to keep tabs on Niall because he was concerned for the boy. Also Simon wanted to make sure that Niall was being taken care of properly; make sure that the boy’s never neglected Niall again.

“Right well, the Dr. mentioned that Niall seemed rather bright” Simon continued.

Zayn sighed, he had been expecting this, “Yeah we’ve noticed it too; some of the things he says just leaved me floored”

“Yes. Dr. Collins mentioned that Niall seemed to have a rather decent understanding of different traumas caused by child abuse as well as a… dislike of psychologists. I believe he called them ‘megalomaniacs’”

Zayn chuckled, “Yeah had to look that one up after the session was over”

“Dr. Collins also mentioned that Niall used the Legos to build a rather intricate telescope – describing it as being on the same lines as the Hubble telescope – and a computer control panel to go with it” Simon continued.

“Yeah” Zayn nodded, “He’s also shown that he has a decent understanding of rockets though I don’t think he’s actually interested in rockets”

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