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As tough as this may be for some of you to hear, this is the end of my story. I had extra time on my hands - finished my school work early after over three days of constant studying - and typed this up. To me it seems like a good place to stop. Thank you all for your time and support I have loved opening up this page to find new comments. Enjoy.


When Niall was thirteen his father's father, his grandfather, came in for a visit. Niall had never met the man before, yes he'd come over to visit before but Niall had always been shoved off the property and told not to come around for a few days. This time was different though.

Niall's grandfather – Will, had come over for a surprise visit and it just so happened that his father and his brother were out of the house at the moment. Will had been banging on the door for a solid fifteen minutes before he came around back and took the door off the shed that Niall called home.

Will had grabbed Niall by the hair and dragged him over to the back door of the house, "Open it up you little shit" he had sneered.

Niall had the door opened quickly – picking a lock wasn't exactly hard. Once the door was open Will had then brought (dragged) Niall along with him into the kitchen.

"Fetch me a beer" he'd ordered finally letting go of Niall's hair and dropping the boy to the floor.

Niall ran to retrieve the requested item from the back of the fridge and popped it open before setting it on the table next to Will. Will had proceeded to drink a total of three beers before he pulled out a revolver and a single bullet. Niall hadn't been allowed to leave and once he saw the gun he was getting a bit nervous. He didn't know Will but from the looks of things the man was no better than any other member of his 'family'.

Will opened the gun and put the bullet into one of the slots before spinning it and snapping it shut – never taking his eyes off Niall the entire time. "Do you know what Russian Roulette is?" Will asked calmly, as though he were merely asking what the weather was.

Niall could feel himself shaking as he stared at the gun.

"Answer me boy!" Will demanded slamming the butt of the gun on the table. The gun went off from the force and Niall jumped. "Well," Will smiled, "One down"

Niall was petrified. There were only six chambers in that gun and one had already gone off that left approximately a twenty percent chance that he would be shot with the next one.

Will smiled as he stood up and brought the gun to Niall's forehead. "Ready?" he asked.

The gun went off again and Niall could barely keep his legs under him when he realized that it was another empty chamber.

"Two down" Will smirked.

This went on two more times before Niall just couldn't take it anymore and he fell. Just as Niall was falling the gun went off again and this time it wasn't an empty chamber. The bullet ended up grazing the side of Niall's head right behind the top of his left ear. There was still a scar there today.

"Damn piece of shit" Will had sneered as he stalked out of the kitchen.

Niall had laid there for another few minutes getting his bearings before he got up and ran. His father had always said that he was free to leave whenever he wanted, that there was nothing keeping him here. Up until this point Niall had thought the shed safer than the streets – now he didn't.

Seventeen days later Niall found his way to Dublin and spent the next three years there before he tried out for x factor.

Harry and Louis were in the kitchen with Trisha and Jay finishing off the cake and Liam and Zayn were in the living room with the rest of the families. Everything was going nicely until they all heard a blood-curdling scream from upstairs. Instantly all four boys were sprinting up the stairs; they'd never heard Niall scream like that before.

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