First Session

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Sorry it took so long to update but things are getting busy. Also it took some time to write, wasn't sure how to start. Truth too I also got a bit caught up in nonograms. Enjoy.


During the night Niall had a small nightmare but Liam and Zayn were easily able to calm him without having to wake him up. They counted that as a wonderful step forward. The morning went on calmly, the boys relaxed and enjoyed themselves.

Niall took his alone time almost immediately after breakfast, which gave Liam and Zayn a chance to talk to Simon about adjusting Niall’s schedule for the following day. The boys wanted to make sure that Niall had time for his nap as it was going to be a long day and they both knew from experience that a tired baby was a cranky baby. Simon had agreed to let Zayn and Niall out of rehearsals since both knew their parts best. Simon had also informed the boys that they would be arriving at their hotel later that afternoon and Niall’s first appointment with his new psychiatrist at 3:30 that afternoon.

The bus stopped at the hotel about twenty minutes into Niall’s nap. Liam decided to stay on the bus with Niall while the rest of the boys went up to the hotel room. Zayn would make sure that all of Niall’s things were brought in and set up so in the room.

Niall stretched and yawned as he came around. He sighed when his arms his the sides of his cot; there were times that he really wished that he had a bigger bed, one he could stretch out in. Huffing in resignation Niall sat up and looked around. The bus was still; they had arrived at the new hotel. Why was he still on the bus?

A surge of panic ran through Niall – they’d left him again. They’d left him! After they’d promised they wouldn’t they left him. He knew it had been too good to be true; he knew that they would abandon him again, forget him again. Why had he trusted them?

Completely heart broken Niall just curled up in a ball and started crying. He felt humiliated that he’d been duped but more than that he just felt broken.

“Hey, hey little man” Liam worried as he lowered the side of the cot, “What’s wrong?”

Niall jerked his head up as he heard Liam’s voice, “You… you… you’re st… sti… still h….”

Liam understood then, “Oh baby” he said as he scooped his boy up and held him close, “I didn’t go anywhere. I was always in the next room waiting for you. I told you I’d never leave you. I promised you”

“I… I… I thought” Niall hiccupped. Liam was here! Liam hadn’t left! Maybe he did mean what he’d said. Maybe he would keep his promise. Maybe Zayn would too.

“Never love never” Liam assured as he paced the top half of the bunk and bounced Niall.

It took a lot less time than Liam had thought to calm Niall down. He couldn’t believe he’d been so stupid! He should have known that Niall would notice the bus wasn’t moving and that the others had left. He was coming to realize that Niall was a lot smarter than he let on; he’d have put two and two together and assume he’d been ignored again. Liam should have stayed on his bunk he just hadn’t wanted to wake Niall.

“I’m sorry baby” Liam apologized.

Niall leaned back a little so he could see Liam’s face, “for what?” What had Liam done, he was still here, he hadn’t left.

“I should have stayed closer” Liam explained, “I never meant to make you think that you were forgotten. You will never be forgotten again I promise”

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