Rude Awakenings

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Zayn woke early the next morning. He dropped out of his bunk and felt the bus moving beneath him – they were now stuck in the bus for three days. Zayn stopped by Niall’s cot, wanting to check that his baby was safe (and hadn’t pulled another escape act). He smiled softly when he saw Niall tucked into his cot with a dummy in his mouth and the newly acquired Stitch stuffie in his arms.

Deciding to get some breakfast Zayn wondered down the stairs and into the front room with intentions of heading for the kitchen when he noticed two bodies crashed out on the floor. Curiosity getting the better of him, Zayn leaned over to see who it was.

Harry jerked awake at the feeling of a freezing cold liquid suddenly covering his face and upper chest. “What the hell!” he exclaimed as he jumped up.

“Ahhh” Louis yelled a few feet away from Harry.

“Wakey wakey” Zayn teased from his position over Louis with an empty bucket in his hands.

“What is your problem?” Louis growled wiping the water off of his face as best he could and glaring at Zayn.

Zayn chuckled, “I told you it wouldn’t be a good idea to feed Niall all that cake right before his bedtime”

“Well I was just trying to be nice,” Harry grumbled as he grabbed a couple of hand towels from the kitchen and passed one to Louis.

“You should have asked” Zayn shot back.

Harry rolled his eyes, “Just wanted to make him happy”

“I know that” Zayn sighed, “But it would have been better to bake the cake today, let him have all day to work off the sugar high”

“We didn’t know that” Louis argued.

“Again that’s why you ask” Zayn reiterated.

Both Louis and Harry nodded in resignation knowing that Zayn had a point. Didn’t mean they had to like it though.

Harry moved to start fixing breakfast – now that he was wide-awake why not? Louis grabbed the remaining bags from behind one of the couches in the front room.

“How do you do it man?” Louis asked as he dropped into a kitchen chair next to Zayn.

“Do what?” Zayn asked.

“Watch Niall all day” Harry explained, “We only had him for three hours and we actually passed out from exhaustion”

Zayn chuckled; “It helps if he’s not on a sugar high” he started shooting pointed looks at the two men who had the decency to look sheepish. “Also I don’t let him climb all over the furniture or do things that will most likely get him injured. I’m not there just to have fun”

Harry and Louis looked at each other – they had basically given into every one of Niall’s whims last night. Whatever Niall had wanted to do he could regardless of danger. Had they screwed up?

Zayn could read the guilt and uncertainty on the other boy’s faces and wanted to do his best to let them know it was all right, “Uncles however are meant to be the fun ones”

“Oh we can be fun” Louis assured, perking up.

“Most definitely” Harry agreed smiling.

“Good” Zayn agreed, “Now just make sure to either run it by Liam and I before you want to give Niall massive amounts of sugar again or be prepared to watch him while he’s bouncing off the walls”

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